Advantages Interim Management


"Interim Management A Practical Business Solution With Many Advantages"

Advantages of interim management
The 23 benefits of interim management are;
• problem-solving
- practical, hands-on, proven management solution
• prompt lasting results
- through focus, effective approach and direct result-driven
• ease
- subcontracting of the uncommon, risky and nasty jobs and interim managers will operate fully autonomously
• rapid deployment
- ability to be on the job within a few days, speed
• experience guarantees desired outcomes
- similar interim projects have done before and overqualified to do the job
• bringing new spirit
- to make an organisation alert; new impetus, energy, style and enthusiasm.
• provide desired leadership
- in change management phase, (temporarily) another leadership style is often required than in an efficient management situation of the current directors
• expertise on a temporary, affordable basis
- problems generally have an incidental nature, and a company would not employ an expensive permanent employee for this purpose. Besides, in times of reorganisations or cutbacks, this would not always be desirable
• impose changes
- an interim manager as an outsider can force things more efficiently and enforce changes.
• objectivity and independent
- gives fresh perspectives, independent assessment and a second opinion, not side-tracked by internal politics and interests
• accountability
- by predetermined goals, responsibilities and granting decision-making powers
• explicitness
- clarity in policy, objective and importance through the appointment of interim managers
• clearness in the problems
- often the real issues are hidden, and the actual causes are not addressed (symptom control), interim management brings transparency and clarity
• speed in decision making in performance
- authority by awarding decision-making powers and implementation
• effective/speed in performance
- decisions and changes can be implemented immediately
• dedication and transfer
- committed to task accomplishment with the assurance of continuity of policy in the handover to successors
• knowledge transfer
- staff will benefit from the presence of an interim manager; new experience, insights and examples gives the development of individual skill set, organisational development
• advice and consultation
- interim managers will act as counsel to the board, test and assist in composing strategies and plans
• meet the requirements of stakeholders
- the relationship can be disrupted; an interim manager can secure continuity, bring peace and increase possible options
• flexible assignments
- negotiable, flexible contracts and conditions, almost immediately terminable and if financial resources are missing the clauses can be adjusted
• a lot of value for money
- interim management is an investment, with, depending on the application, a very high ROI and, moreover, many times cheaper than hiring consultants.
• management appointment
- valuation for services rendered and protection of current management that will not be suitable for this uncommon, risky and nasty jobs (options, transfer, sabbatical)
• temporary replacement
- have filled in a vital position and creating time to find a suitable permanent manager

Disadvantages of interim management
We listed here, 5 possible drawbacks of interim management which do demand some awareness, but which will have no real negative consequences in a correct interim management execution!
These disadvantages of interim management are;
• incorrect deployment or execution
- interim management is a profession, underestimation and unfamiliarity often leads to the pitfalls with all the disastrous consequences of this and a negative prejudices of interim management
• unknown of specific details and history
- a requirement for an interim manager is to understand fast the background, reasons, expertise, systems, possibilities, practices and principal persons of the company, sector and customer
• engaging external individuals
- understand the necessity of and accepting external assistance, after all, by hiring an interim manager, there arises a joint interest
• requires openness & willingness principal/client!
- an interim manager is as successful as a customer let him to be, this also requires a critical evaluation and problem acceptance of the own organisation and management of which the client is part of, and unconditional support for the interim manager
• too high costs
- interim management is not seen as an investment, and the added value is not recognised. An absolute condition must always be that interim management delivers more than it costs!

Risk factors of interim management as a result of change management
Note: Interim management and change management almost always go together, the following objections and pitfalls are motivated by the implementation of changes in an organisation.
Another 5 points;
• too much time pressure
- speed is a success factor, but also increases the chance of failures
• too much emphasis on short-term interests
- under the pressure to score, short-term and easy goals could prefer, and thereby the interim project fails to lay a solid foundation for the long-term sustainable goals
• a lot of resistance
- change is a burden, and therefore interim management will not be appreciated by everyone and passivity, and opposition will arise at first instance. An experienced interim manager possesses the gift of gaining a growing number of supporters through empathy and respect (despite often harsh decisions)
• lose the momentum and organisation
- too fast pace, the organisation cannot keep up with the program, and initiatives get bogged down and do not achieve intended results
• too little attention for the operational business
- everyone and everything is very busy with the change, with the conclusion that regular business is seriously losing control and increasingly have issues. The strength of an interim manager must be to find a right balance and implement changes silently in current on-going business.

If convinced of the interim management benefits as a suitable business solution
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Consultdustry provides Executive Interim Management, in cooperation with associated interim managers to ensure sustainable results in;
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