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Advisory Boards

“Advisory Boards – Added Value: Issues Assisting, Providing Information & Expanding Network”

Consultdustry do have substantial experience of assisting businesses to screen, select and appoint advisory board members and to evaluate the role and function as well as the beneficial contribution of advisory boards carefully. We at Consultdustry conclude that advisors board can have a significantly beneficial role in assisting businesses through both periods of growth as in a period of economic unpredictability.

Advisory Boards Services
• provide as a full-time or temporary member of the advisory board as a Non Executive Director
• search and recruit a member to a given profile description of non executive director

Advisory Boards Benefit
• added value of experience & expertise
• high effective and efficient
• reliable, consistent, longevity and background knowledge
• complementary to and non-interfering with authorities; the existing board of directors

Organization and Attention when appointing an Advisory Boards
• appointment as non executive director in an advisory board
• mandate and goal of advisory board (but NO desicion power, non obligated advice counseling)
• focus
• size of board and committees
• meeting organization and frequency
• term of membership
• compensation
• chemistry between members

Roles and Subjects of an Advisory Boards
• research and intelligence
• delegate of parent company (understanding & distance control)
• counselor, mentor for board and executives (oracle, confidential, tester)
• second opinions and advice (unbiased insights and ideas)
• provide networking platform and business contacts
• monitor business performance and encourage sustainable growth
• risk analysis and mitigation advice
• structuring business
• strategy development and implementation
• business plans (new) and development (encourage and support)
• financial forecasting
• banking and finance
• marketing strategy
• product and/or service development
• technical matters as R&D, engineering, manufacturing, supply chain etc.
• recruiting; board and other directors
• in general, all management support on request, although a non executive director can povide unsolicited advice

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