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Advisory Boards


'Providing Highly Effective & Complementary Expertise Of Non-Executive Directors In Advisory Board'

Advisory Boards Services
• provide as a full-time or temporary member of the advisory board as a non-executive director
• search and recruit a member to a given profile description of the non-executive director

Advisory Boards Benefits
• an added value of experience & expertise
• high effective and efficient
• reliable, consistent, longevity and background knowledge
• complementary to and non-interfering with authorities; the existing board of directors

Organization and Attention of Advisory Boards
• appointment as non-executive director in an advisory board
• mandate and goal of the advisory board
• focus
• size of board and committees
• meeting organisation and frequency
• term of membership
• compensation
• chemistry between members

Roles and Subjects - Advisory Board Members / Non-executive Directors
• research and intelligence
• delegate of the parent company (understanding & distance control)
• counsellor, mentor for board and executives (oracle, confidential, tester)
• second opinions and advice (unbiased insights and ideas)
• provide a networking platform and business contacts
• monitor business performance and encourage sustainable growth
• risk analysis and mitigation advice
• structuring business
• strategy development and implementation
• business plans (new) and development (encourage and support)
• financial forecasting
• banking and finance
• marketing strategy
• product and/or service development
• technical matters such as R&D, engineering, manufacturing, supply chain etc.
• recruiting; board and other directors
• in general, all management support on request, although a non-executive director can provide unsolicited advice

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