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''Our Executive Interim Managers & Advisors Are Simply The Best - Are You Their Equal?''

Image: Interim managers jobs and interim consulting contract jobs: Tell us, why should we hire you?

=> Send your resume with coverletter - ''why should we hire you?'' - to Consultdustry (at) Consultdustry(.)com

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Interim Projects / Consulting Projects
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Your aspired job or (temporary) assignment is not listed at the site, in ASEAN contract Vacancies?
Send us your resume - We are interested in:

Applicant Associates & Project Hires
- for contract assignments, interim assignment, interim contracts, interim jobs, interim management jobs,consulting contracts, consulting assignments, interim consultancy jobs 
- independent, self-employed interim managers / business consultants 
- native Thai / ASEAN or expatriates
- only seasoned independent professionals, 40 yrs to 70 yrs,
- broad working experience in the following engineering / industrial sectors;
-- construction,
-- energy, telecom & utilities,
-- engineering,
-- finance & services,
-- food & beverage,
-- logistics & transport,
-- manufacturing,
-- oil, gas & mining, ,
-- real estate, 
-- trade 
- interested candidate associates, join as an associate our 'inner circle' for interim management jobs / management consulting contract jobs - please read; management associates business model – information page.

we cooperate with independent professionals, such as;
• executive interim managers (C-level/positions, >25yr experience) => interim management jobs / interim managers jobs
• temporary managers (operational middle/senior management level, >15yrs experience) => temporary management jobs / temporary managers jobs
- all professions, but especially:
-- finance,
-- project management,
-- manufacturing,
-- supply chain/logistics
• counseling: (=> consulting contracts, interim consulting / consulting jobs - counseling jobs - advisory jobs)
-- executive business consultants,
-- non executive directors
-- business coaches, mentors
-- corporate finance consultants
-- legal consultants
• development & implementation specialists: (=> management contracts / implementation jobs - implementation management consulting projects)
-- change agents,
-- implementation consultants,
-- lean & six sigma consultants,
-- ERP / SAP consultants
-- hard skill trainers
• business transactions/trading consultants: (=> operation contracts / management assignments - operations consulting jobs)
-- sourcing agents & outsourcing consultants,
-- commercial sales representatives/ sales agents,
-- M&A consultants.

If you apply - we do want to know - so please, answer right away ''why should we hire you as our independent professional ?''
• proven experience
- years, contracts, achievements, key success factors
• expertise
- profession/hard skills, industries, specialisation
• leadership style
• personality
• soft skills
• working method
• ideal cultural fit
• motivation & expectations
- accepting contracts, to cooperate with us
• references
• availability
- date from, full/part time, location/region
• contract partner
- independent with own company or payroll services, work permit or no work permit
• expected compensation
- hour fee and long-term) day fee, other benefit/allowances.

''We have The Practical Knowledge And Experience To Break Through Boundaries And Help Customers Rise Higher''
Consultdustry cooperate with independent interim managers & consultants, we mediate in and supervise management assignments & consulting assignments.

Image: Management assignments & consulting assignments: We have the practical knowledge and experience to break through boundaries and help customers rise higher.

''Interim Management Is A Profession, Consciously Chosen And NOT An Alternative For In Between Jobs Managers''
Consultdustry Interim management & business consulting - we collaborate with Asia local independent interim managers & consulants, we provide interim management consultant jobs.

Image: Interim management consultant jobs: Interim management is a profession, consciously chosen and NOT an alternative for 'in between jobs' managers.

''Are You Capable Of Doing The Uncommon, Risky & Nasty Jobs?''
Consultdustry interim management & consulting services for interim projects & consulting projects - B2B engineering/industrial sector ASEAN countries and China.

Image: Interim projects & interim consulting projects: Are you capable of doing the uncommon, risky and nasty jobs?

''Our Challenge Is The Obligation We Take To Achieve Results''
Consultdustry interim managers & consultants - interim contracts and consulting contracts in industrial sector South-east Asia / China.

Image: Interim contracts & interim consulting contracts: Our challenge is the obligation we take to achieve results.

''Your Profile: An Empathic Open-Minded Person With An Entrepreneur Spirit, A Go Getter With A Proven Record And A No-Nonsense Attitude''
We execute interim projects and consulting projects with associated independent managers and consultants - we are hiring.

Image: Interim projects & consulting projects: Your profile: An empathic open-minded person with an entrepreneur spirit, a go getter with a proven record and a no-nonsense attitude.

''Our Executive Interim Managers & Advisors Are Simply The Best - Are You Their Equal?''
Consultdustry Interim projects & consulting projects - independent managers and consultants may apply to join our association

Image: Interim projects & consulting projects: Our interim managers and advisors are simply the best - are you their equal?