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staffing and recruitment contract and permanent ASEAN jobs
interim management and consultancy assignments, interim contracts, interim jobs.
• NOTE for job searchers Asia: we serve only the (B2B) engineering / industrial sector!

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=> Send your resume with coverletter to Consultdustry (at) Consultdustry(.)com 

Consultdustry interim management & business consulting services and collaboration with independent interim managers and consultants in brief:
- for contract assignments
- independent, self-employed interim managers / business consultants 
- native Thai / ASEAN or expatriates, permanent living in one of the ASEAN countries or China is an requirement!
- only seasoned independent professionals, 40 yrs to 70 yrs,
- interested candidate associates read this management associates business model – information page.
• executive interim managers (C-level, >25yr experience)
• temporary managers (operational level, >15yrs experience)
- all professions, but especially: finance, project management, manufacturing, supply chain/logistics
• counseling: executive business consultants & business coaches
• development implementation specialists: change agents, implementation consultants, lean & six sigma consultants, ERP / SAP consultants
• business transactions/trading consultants: sourcing & outsourcing consultants, commercial (sales) representatives/agents, M&A consultants.
Independent/self-employed interim managers & consultants - Read more here


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=> Send your resume with coverletter to Consultdustry (at) Consultdustry(.)com 

Consultdustry staffing and recruitment service in brief:
- employees for permanent and temporary positions
- executive search/staffing and recruitment is an added value to our primary business consulting services and is based on equivalence, selectivity, customer needs and knowledge to create professional and sustainable labour relations.
Consultdustry offers staffing recruitment services Asia and is a niche ASEAN vacancies recruitment firm,
- we focus on the successions of our interim management and consulting assignments as the execution has to be transferred to permanent employees and
- proactively suggest and introducing suitable candidates,
- as we believe that in our mission is to serve clients in the continuity development, position improvement and increase shareholder value of their enterprises - leadership, management and staff - is the determining factor for business success.
As consultants we support companies in development and growth and will propose suitable candidates - even without a candidate / job search assignment - to a client, if we believe an appointment is a possible solution and improvement!

Read more, about Consultdustry executive recruitment Asia, go to ASEAN vacancies: staffing and recruitment services.
In our recruitment practice, we possibly may be significant for:
• middle, senior and c-level positions
• staff, (operational) management and technical (experts) personnel,
• BA/MBA-university level,
• minimum 5 years work experience,
• industry & engineering sectors,
• monthly salary level from about $ 2,500.-

Consultdustry offers staffing and recruitment services
•contract staffing, contingent recruitment (non-exclusive recruitment), retained executive recruitments (headhunting), interim recruitment consultants and candidate search, in
• ASEAN countries; Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia,  Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and
• China including Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan

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''We Select On Proficiency & Passion: Those Jobs What You Do Best & Like Best''

Image: Staffing recruitment services Asia: We select on proficiency and passion - those jobs, what you do best and like best.