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Sales Reps - Asean Sales Representative / Business Representative


''Sales Reps For Hire - Use Our Sales Representative Services For Your Sales Research & Planning And To Promote, Initiate & Boost Your Sales''   

Consultdustry can be your local ASEAN independent sales representative or business development agent,
• a practical, cost-effective solution,
• for foreign companies entering the ASEAN market
- being your domestic satellite sales and business sales representative office
• for established ASEAN companies
- in need of additional sales representative skills and capacity

Image: 5 phases model sales of Consultdustry sales representative services, hire a sales reps Asia for sales expertise & sales deals

Sales reps services - 5 phases model sales
With our sales representative services / business representative services, we offer
• local market intelligence (researching)
• local market entry and growth, sales plan (planning),
• local market presence (promoting),
• preparation and limited sales representation (initiating) and
• a full sales representative office to focus on rapid access to (large) accounts (operating).
Within Consultdustry we have divided our sales representative services / business representative services in the previously mentioned 5 phase of
• research, plan, promote, initiate and operate.

Our sector of ASEAN sales service  
Consultdustry offers these sales representative services / business representative services for the following markets;
• Business to Business (B2B), these are;
- as sales presence, establishing a local branch firm will be too costly, due to often low sales volume but with large turnover/high prices in this segment of
- public or closed tenders on a project and indirect sales, in which general a pre-qualifications are needed
- private direct sales, will be limited mostly to capital assets, raw material or production goods
- the product line and sales procedures will be
--- direct sales: (production) goods, raw material
--- indirect sales: government procurement, maintenance & repair, operating supplies
--- projects sales: capital assets (investments/CapEx), public-private partnerships (PPP), services
• Business to Consumer (B2C), there is;
– as a business development agent and “sales gap” management, gradually organising a sales local structure, as eventually the principal client - due to the often low margins and high sales volume - wants to establish an own local branch firm or set up a partnership.
- the product line and sales procedures will be
---- sales procedure is mostly channels, dealers/distributors network

Independent sales representative / business reps - advantage and disadvantages
The benefits of an independent sales representative / business reps are
• direct availability of the service: business representative,
• obtainable for all principal clients (for investors, SME, narrow product line companies to MNC),
• very useful to manage (by the principal client),
• using shared service gives greater market coverage and multiple business connections,
• guidance in the understanding of business culture,
• understanding and advanced market experience and knowledge,
• entrance to new markets and customers/accounts,
• targets and the timeframe can be set - and by doing this the costs and risk are known
• avoiding substantial investments and setup costs (subsidiary is not warranted)
A sales representative / business representative is an ideal model to gain insight (market, law, administrative and financial requirements) and to conduct marketing, general liaison activities and other non-transactional operations.
Possible disadvantages of a sales representative / business sales representative;
• not having total control,
• client principal not being realistic about target and sales results,
• a misfit in management style, business development and sales strategy and/or personal empathy,
• ownership of customer and relationships; are they transferable to client principal or get the reps the favour?

Cooperation tips - Client  / independent sales representative / business reps
Suggestions for a successful in cooperation with an independent sales representative / business sales representative
• just necessary time blocking and tackling, be committed and do not lose track,
• set mutually-agreed-upon expectations and goals,
• provide adequate support,
- as increased marketing & sales activities will need the backing of customer service, tender processes and quotations, marketing and technical specifications and customising by engineering,
• often overlooked but define sales training and joint sales calls into the region
• and specify and allocate funds
- to the 5 sales representative phases of research, plan, promote, initiate and operate

Plan the sales activities; targets (and costs of the independent sales reps for hire)
Our usual next step is that we draw up a plan of activities, which includes among others;
• research and plan; select and prioritise
- choosing the right country or region
- check the cost of doing business
- know the people
- get to know the competition
- choose the right partner
- understand the challenges
- know the law
• identify potential points of entry
• define market strategy plan
• find the market gap, define the competitive edge
• define other marketing mix elements
- pricing
- promotion; especially for market entrance this will be the most costs and time consuming;
--- sponsor events
--- get published in media, journals
--- join business associations / employers’ organisation
--- attend meetings of professional groups, conferences, exhibitions etc.
--- invite potential customers to headquarters
--- setting up a periodic
- place, distribution
- product
--- among other things, are adjustments necessary?
• develop, if desired, (local) partnerships
• nevertheless, always be revenue-driven

Fees - sales representative for hiring
Costs of hiring Consultdustry sales representative / business representative services are
• generally by a fixed fee, reimbursement of expenses and a commission fee
• if development business in a particular region without existing sales, we prefer a monthly “region development fee.”
• if we have to invest our time into a long sales cycle to develop accounts, we would like to have exclusive region rights, and a sales commission at which the level of existing and future sales commissions will depend and based on the contribution of OpEx cost and/or the monthly “region development fee”
• enquiry to client principal are without obligations and some pioneering to estimate the success rate is obviously at our expense.

Independent sales representative OR representative office (firm) OR branch office (firm)
Independent sales reps for hire are often incorrectly perceived as a Sales Representative Office (firm) or Branch Office (firm) there is an overlap, but the last 2 are based on a different business model and have another obligation as the hiring sales representative services as we provide.
In short, there are mostly – depending on the country law(!) – the following difference
• Sales Representative Office (firm)
- is a registered company (legal entity by country law, less incentive to regulate as a branch office)
- represents the foreign parent company
- is not allowed to buy or sell products or provide services
- may enter into contracts on behalf of its foreign parent company (but no contracts closure by itself)
- can rent an office and employ local staff (sometimes through local labour agent and or special employment arrangements), but foreign staff may be restricted
- business tax and corporate income tax are mostly chargeable based on the operating costs
- low capital investment, compulsory expenditure over a period of time
--- in general; an expensive solution for small organisations with no advantages compared to hiring a sales reps
• Branch Office
- is a registered company (legal entity by country law)
- performs the same and my acts as a commercial representative office, but has greater power, as it;
- earns direct income domestically
- can be engaged in service, trading and manufacturing sectors
- required capital will depend on the type and size of business
- restrictions on foreign staff and work permits
- ownership restriction may be imposed
--- in general; is often only financially attractive if, besides sales, also other business activities will occur, such as maintenance, stock management, production etc.
We can assist in setting up a sales representative office or branch office. For more information, legal assistance and company registration, you are invited to contact us.
Note: foreign companies do not need a local legal entity by hiring a sales reps / business development agent through us.

Area of sales representatives & business representatives services

Image: Asia sales reps for hire Consultdustry sales representative services / business representative services in Asia - Use Our Sales Representative Services For Your Sales Research & Planning And To Promote, Initiate & Boost Your Sales

Consultdustry offers seasoned, local (native and expatriate) sales representatives and business representatives in
• ASEAN countries
- associated independent sales reps which are available to act as your Brunei sales representative, Cambodia sales representative, Indonesia sales representative, Laos sales representative, Malaysia sales representative,  Myanmar sales representative, Philippines sales representative, Singapore sales representative, Thailand sales representative, Vietnam sales representative and
• China sales representatives (including Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan region)

Code of Ethics
By following a “Code of Sales Representative / Business Sales Representative” Consultdustry wants to create professional, transparent, effective business partnerships that serve ASEAN sales and markets most cost-effectively.

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