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associates for global trade and international business development agency


Partner with us – in a global trade and international business development agency of independent consultants / independent representatives

Proposed local role - local business representative
• local account management (acquisition, sales & project coordination) at a success mediation fee
local subcontractor (lumpsum) advice, business development and interim management assignments (Consultdustry ASEAN Clients)
NOTE: this is absolutely not an announcement for independent interim managers / consultants for our ASEAN & China assignments as we only collaborate with interim managers / consultants based in ASEAN or China! With that said, it is our intention to subcontract local (not ASEAN) assignments, exchange projects so that we can both benefit from this. Moreover, through the collaboration representatives are able to generate contacts with potential customers through a distinctive and supplementary consulting service. We will therefore not give any compensation or a retainer fee for account & sales management.

Consultdustry is looking for Independent Associates/Representatives/Agents for a GLOBAL-ASEAN Connection.
A global trade CONSULTING (!) and international business development agency and maybe this could be a business opportunity that fits you!
NOTE: we are not a trader or a manufacturing agent such as a purchasing distributor.
We are in business consulting, interim management and business transactions services and normally compensated by a retainer fee for our service. We expect of an associate/representative a corresponding service in the same industrial sector (manufacturing, engineering, energie - oil & gas, construction, food processing, logistics) so that we can actually exchange projects/clients and knowledge.

Image: Consultdustry and local business representatives/agents - Global-ASEAN Network - connecting East and West and visa versa

We as Consultdustry do have an extensive network and a rather unique market position, mainly in executive interim management, in the ASEAN countries (+ China) and have planned to expand/globalise our Business Transaction Service activities to a global trade and international business development agency level - a partner network.

In Business Transactions we offer;
• sourcing services,  import/export & outsourcing consultancy
• commissioning services, shipping brokerage
• partner search & selection
• market research, feasibility studies
• market entry planning & assistance
• local sales representative
• company registration
• startup management (interim management, temporary management, non-executive director advisory)
• M&A, business acquisition/search (business broker)
Business Transactions (or business development services) is our 2nd business line in addition to our main activity interim management & temporary Management, but there is obviously an interaction between these business consulting services.

Most contracts are a spin-off of our main services - providing exceptional management power and business solutions.
And in principle, we would be able - if we had an established global network of local representatives/associates - to offer these services targeted and therefore more frequently
• to (potential, international) customers (local MNC & larger SME - industrial sector) with intentions to start or already operate commercially in ASEAN and China
- contact must be made with the head office, (as normally ASEAN subsidiary or joint-venture do not decisive) which most probably will also take the project coordination/account management,
• our ASEAN clients, who do have intentions to develop their international activities
- which also require local representation, local expertise, coordination and the execution of these kind of management consulting assignments.

Profile local representative
Country (state) associates/agents/representatives for our global trade and international business development agency, would at least have to meet the following profile;
• an independent intermediary (self-employed)
• active and commercial driven
• with a proven record in business services
• have a nationwide (or state) network and top-level contacts
• affection to Tech Industry (our sector)
• and who believes in the benefits of sharing
• a minimum of every 3 months will report on acquisition activities for Asian assignments
• in Linkedin profile and business website refers to the cooperation and hereby also places a link to his profile on the website of Consultancy
=>  As a local business representative, a collaboration with Consultdustry, will give the opportunity to present and expand own consulting business services with a GLOBAL-ASEAN connection.

How to respond
Join us, expand and develop business in ASEAN/Asia (and visa/versa in your country) and expand together with Consultdustry global trade consulting and international business development agency.
For interests, to exchange thoughts and more info, you may contact us by email:
consultdustry (@)
Please also state in your email;
• explanation and the match in corresponding business/management consulting services,
• motives and expectations, and
• the added value you can offer to the Global-ASEAN network.