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Business Coaching

Business Coaching Services
• provide business coaches and mentors

• coaching;
– training or development process for an individual or team with the goal to achieving a specific personal or professional competence
• mentorship;
– offering advice and guidance, a personal development partnership between someone with vast specific experience and someone who wants to learn

Business coaching versus consultancy
As we offer both business coaching (mentor / coach) and counseling, consultancy and advisory sevices we face often a confusion as clients are not aware of the difference in method and objectives.
The table below is our statement about the differences on the themes; agenda, accountability, deliverables, advice & solutions, results and fous

coaching, consultancy, overview coaching vs consultancy

Overview: business coaching versus consultancy

Process & Roles
• is a type of personal or human resource development
• provides positive support, feedback and advice to an individual or group basis
• to improve their personal effectiveness in the business setting
• for individual and business growth, improved performance and contentment
• coaching can optional combined with consultancy
• for practical and structured business planning and put in a disciplined accountability to the relationship
– (but professional coaching is not counseling or consulting; there is a different skill sets and approaches, see Overview: business coaching versus consultancy)
• is stimulate the client’s self-discovery
• by posing powerful questions, inquiry, reflection, requests and discussion and/or assigning homework
• to help clients identify personal and/or team and/or business and/or relationship goals,
• develop action plans intended to achieve those goals
• promote client’s action, and the coach may assist but never leads

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