Consultdustry Managers & Consultants - Serving Tech Industry in ASEAN Countries

Business Landings

“One Stop To Establish An Enterprise In South East Asia”

Full service “Doing Business In ASEAN / South East Asia”, a complete company start-up and if desired we are able to go beyond the startup.

One stop service to start and to expand your business in a particular South East Asian country. We do have the contacts, experience and knowledge to supervise, to assist and to and provide the service for;
• feasibility studies,
• strategic business planning,
• company registration,
• start-up interim management,
• company representative,
• business development and sales management,
• acquire the required (legal and financial) permissions,
• contract strategic alliances
• legal services,
• accounting services,
• recruitment,
• immigration visas & work permits,
• translation and legalization services,
• virtual & serviced office and
• relocation assistance.

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