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• Business Developers, Business Brokers & Business Connectors

Image: Consultdustry Business Transactions; business developers Asia, business brokers Asia and business connectors Asia for business deals Asia and abroad

Content - Business Transactions Services - business dealmakers start & boost business in Asia (& abroad)

• business transaction services
- business development consultants, business brokers & business connectors
- we deploy expertise and an extensive network
- B2B - engineering/industrial sector
- ASEAN & China market
- global/cross-border business transaction services, linking up East and West
- alliances in Asia, Europe, Northern America and Oceania

• operations consulting - business transaction services we offer;
- start-ups advice & (interim) management
- feasibility studies
- market surveys
- market entries
- local sales representative
- local sourcing agents
- trade, export & import advice, supply chain management
- mergers and acquisitions (M&A)
- partnerships search and cooperation
- channel & distribution selection
- capital investments & financial re-structuring
- intermediary, business brokerage

• critical conditions business transactions success
- business case
- performance, skills & attitude experts
- client expectation
- collaboration client and contractor

• business transactions process 6 phases; method and role of client
- client initiation
- research
- plan
- execute
- deal making
- improve
--- client remains full control
- manages contract & progress
- provides support & resources

• hiring costs
- a fixed or monthly recurring or a day/hour fee
- plus reimbursement of expenses
- plus a success commission fee
--- we do not accept ’no cure - no pay’ contracts and 9 reasons why we do not accept these
--- caution for ’no cure - no pay’ agreements and which usually happens

in need of a dealmaker to start, boost and improve your business?

Business transactions services

Consultdustry – business development consultants / ASEAN & International Business Transaction Services - deploy expertise and an extensive network:
• to review, establish, develop, facilitate matchmaking and/or mediate
• in business ideas, plans & business launchings (foreign start-ups),
• trade (sourcing, sales representative, import/export),
• investments & capital funding,
• merge & acquisitions and partnerships.

ASEAN market & global/cross-border business transaction services

The majority of our assignments are related to the
1. ASEAN market, we do offer our business transactions services to
• foreign SMEs,
• international enterprises (MNCs with HQ outside ASEAN), and also
• local ASEAN companies (SMEs & MNCs)
2. Global market, with our partners, country representatives, we have a global business development network to offer
Cross-border business transaction services to
• ASEAN companies (SMEs & MNCs) which do want to start, expand or improve their business abroad.

Image: Consultdustry business developers Asia, business brokers Asia, business connectors Asia - connecting East and West and visa versa (Asia <-> worldwide)

Business transaction services Asia & worldwide - global business development network alliance

As mentioned,we also offer a truly GLOBAL-ASEAN connection:
• linking up East and West,
• account management; direct customer contacts and project supervision (by our local sales representatives),
• business development by connecting business and opportunities,
• providing local expertise and
• having a footprint in Asia, Europe, Northern America and Oceania

Business development / business transaction services overview

Image: Consultdustry - overview of our business transaction services in Asean & China and abroad/cross-border, business developers Asia, business brokers Asia, business connectors Asia for business transaction deals Asia & business development Asia

Our Business Development and Business Transactions Services include;
Business Landings / Asia Start-ups
– full service for “doing business in South East Asia / ASEAN”, complete company start-up
Feasibility Studies
• Market Survey Analysis, Insights & Benchmarking
• Market Entry Planning & Management
Local Sales Representative
Local Sourcing, Sourcing Agency
Supply Chain Management, (Out)-Sourcing & Import / Export  (trade consultancy) 
• Channel & Distribution Selection
• Partnerships Search & Cooperation
Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)
– preparation, effectuation integration, including management buy-ins/buy-outs
• Capital Investments & Financial Re-structuring
– treasury (interim) management, debt restructuring, refinancing; finding funds – investors – raising capital
• Intermediary, Broker
– see also the transaction listings on this site

Critical conditions business transactions success

Image: Consultdustry - Critical conditions / success factors: business transactions deals asia & business development asia

Contrary to what most potential clients believe, only hiring an expert and waiting for great profitable and sustainable deals is not enough. Our opinion is that the outcomes are commonly just as good as the customer wants them to be! The critical success factors in business development services focused on business transactions have a large mutual cohesion. After all, the intended results are primarily determined through optimal coordination, correct mutual coordination of tasks and information exchange. All this on time and in the right proportions;
• business case
- the possible chances of success with the benefits weighed against the costs, taking into account the guiding principles, risks, market situation etc. - in fact, this already starts with formulating the assignment in a proposition statement with objectives and conditions
• performance, skills & attitude experts
- the goal-oriented and the realisation of the intended objectives do also depend to a large extent on the method, experience and knowledge of the (hired) business transactions experts
• client expectation
- the expected outcomes; are those realistic and feasible, with the given assignment, approach, budget and the given timeline? - make these very clear and prevent any misinterpretations
• collaboration client and contractor
- information exchange, the management of the business transactions project and its decision-making, the support as provided by the client, clear roles and tasks, mutual respect, all managed with the aim of making the business transactions project optimally successful.

Process - Business transactions services

Image: Consultdustry - business transactions services process from initiation to post-deals activities - outsource complete or few phases however client  always retains full control

Process - Business transactions services
• client initiation
- feel need
--- define strategic, tactical and operational ambition
- set goals & requirements
--- basic information and instructions for an inquiry
- pre-select contractors/quotations
--- receive quotes of qualified contractors in business transactions services
- hire operations experts
--- added value requires reasonable contract conditions
--- good results should be rewarded
• research
- receive detailed instructions
--- business case; proposition statement with objectives and conditions
- fact-finding
--- get useful and correctly analyse data
--- understand the competition
--- know industry trends in the industry
--- have a clear understanding of contacts behaviour
- identify challenges/obstacles
--- inventory of local regulations, (technical) qualifications, licenses and permits, resources, switching costs etc.
• plan
- define the project strategy
--- what, how, why, what value and  quantify these objectives
--- a set of attainable targets  
- define critical success factors
--- set up frameworks of key elements to receive project long-term, medium and short-term goals
--- formulate the added value of the intended deals (of all parties involved)
--- prepare and test possible rejections (what if)
- plan/prioritise activities
--- create structured plans with timelines, effort
--- quality is more important as quantity
--- approach the right target group
• execute
- eliminate barriers
--- avoid problems and disputes
--- avoid complaints
--- ensure legal coverage
--- arrange insurance
- establish contacts
--- understand contact business and organisation (decision makers)
--- know contact needs and possibilities
--- build relationships on trust and appreciation
--- be correct and quick in response/follow-up
- deliver opportunities
--- create alternative and attractive opportunities
--- focus on matching prospects
--- perseverance and repetition is necessary, do not be discouraged
• deal making
- assess opportunities
--- get quick wins, also good for morality
--- set a framework to assess opportunities
- negotiations
--- make deals thoughtful, resist false temptations
--- keep contacts open, keep building on the relationship
- seal deals
---- realise the consequences; a contract is also an obligation
• improve
- analyse outcomes
--- learn, correct and improve if possible  
- post-deal activities
--- next phase or new challenges.
The client manages contract & progress
--- approve plans and adjustments to the plans
--- receive a periodic status report
--- concentrate on feasibility and milestones (risk factors, disruptions and reschedule outcomes)
--- decisions making should be correct and in time
--- make budgets available and make payments

The client provides support & resources
--- provide clear information and instructions
--- advice and execution of various matters outsourced to the client's business office
--- testing of assumptions, assessments and(cost) estimate
--- technical support, data, standards etc.
--- supply chain support, transport, storage, import/export
--- financial support, key figures, financial models and budgets
--- legal assistance, legal matters and conditions, contracts.

Hiring costs of business transaction services

NOTE that we are not a trader or a manufacturing agent such as a purchasing distributor.
We are offering Business Transactions Services Asia, and as Consultdustry we are customarily hired by:
• a fixed or monthly recurring or a day/hour fee
• plus reimbursement of expenses
• plus a success commission fee

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Note: No ’No Cure - No Pay’ contracts

Image: We do not accept 'No Cure No Pay' orders in operations consulting as such contracts do not lead to desired collaboration and outcomes!

NOTE: In operations consulting we do not accept 'No Cure No Pay' contracts. Reasons why we do NOT accept ‘’No Cure - No Pay’’ business transactions assignments, are;
• lack of both, result and effort obligation
- while it is precisely a customer, who has to make (partly) our actions successful!
• often (partly) lacks knowledge and structure
- there is no reference frame, objectives, organisation and contacts, that still have to be set up first
• professionals do not work on a 'no cure - no pay' basis
- only novice, incompetent or underused service providers will then remain, which is not the best option
• chance of reputation damage
- choose the right representative because damage can be (indirectly) incurred in case of poor or lesser services
• sharing confidential business information
- one should not have confidence in a provider with whom there is no business connection or paid contracts
• consulting services do cost money
- we provide services, work systematically and report periodically on progress and provide knowledge and information - it is bizarre not to pay for it!
• high start-up costs
- in B2B, it are often complex and lengthy processes with reasonably high start-up costs, and it would be unreasonable for the professional to finance this phase, while a possible payment can only take place at a much later date
• incorrect motivations by the customer to avoid any risk
- this could be among other things; no confidence in feasibility or unrealistic objectives, no exclusivity in commission, no budget, little decision-making authority of clients’ contact person etc.- all red flags to Not accept an order
• our risk as a contractor is disproportionately large
- while customer does not have any financial risk, although also may never receive or receive a lousy result/revenue

'No cure - no pay' merely does not work in business transaction services, and we will always avoid such an agreement! Let us give our idea as it often goes successively in a 'no cure-no pay' agreements;
• informal and weak preparation and instructions
• persecuted by a selective approach (cherry picking) focusing on the quick wins without pursuing any form of sustainability
• if success/progress (read payments) fails or stay out, interest will be lost
• the contacts do fade
• after a while the client gets in the dark; does not even know the status (that even could hurt the business)
• the agreement does not result in the intended objective, and the relationship will be broken

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We assume responsibility by an attractive and clear tender offer - defined activities and goals with transparent, cost-effective pricing - conditions in this are
• we receive or jointly compose explicit instruction
• and we can offer a pricing based on a hybrid fee model.
We do favour of a value-based compensation or an unconditional retainer fee supplemented with an incentive-based reward.

Apparently, we will only accept contracts of which we believe we can be successful. Our business transaction services with our specific experience and knowledge should be able, in cooperation with the customer, deliver sustainable returns.
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