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ASEAN Business Transactions Adverts Board & Terms

Frequently we are asked to mediate between parties without any plan to compensate for a regular applicable fee. We are sorry, but on such conditions, we are unable to offer Consultdustry capabilities. Otherwise, we strongly urge to serve and want to promote business to develop. Hence we created a Free ASEAN Business Acquisitions / Business Transactions Adverts Board.

All advertisements must be directly related to ASEAN Tech Industry/business such as business acquisitions, venture capital, loans and/or partnerships, in or with ASEAN / Asia Pacific region. Adverts regarding hospitality industry and MLM are not allowed and will not be published.
Only registered users can after login, post adverts (for free) and response to ASEAN business acquisitions and transaction adverts.

Please read ASEAN Business Acquisitions / Business Transactions Adverts Board INFO for the Terms of User and How to Do