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Business Transactions

“Business Developers, Brokers & Connectors”

Consultdustry – business development consultants – deploy an expertise and an extensive network:
• to review, establish, develop, facilitate matchmaking and/or mediate
• in business ideas, plans & landings (foreign start-ups),
• trade (sourcing, sales representative, import/export),
• investments & capital funding,
• merge & acquisitions and partnerships.

Although the majority of our assignments are related to the ASEAN market, do we offer our Business Transaction Services to both foreign SME’s, international enterprises (MNC with HQ outside ASEAN) and local ASEAN companies (SME’s & MNC) and with our partners;  country representatives, we have an international business development network.

A truly GLOBAL-ASEAN connection;
• linking up the East and West,
direct customer contacts and project supervision (representatives),
• business development by connecting business with opportunities,
• providing local expertise and
• a footprint in Asia, Europe, Northern America and O

Our Business Development and Business Transactions Services include;
• Business Landings / Start-ups
– full service for “doing business in South East Asia / ASEAN”, complete company start-up
• Feasibility Studies
• Market Survey Analysis, Insights & Benchmarking
• Market Entry Planning & Management
• Local Sales Representative
• (Out)-Sourcing & Import / Export
• Channel & Distributor Selection
• Partnerships Search & Cooperation
• Mergers & Acquisitions (m&a)
– preparation, effectuation integration, including management buy-ins / buy-outs
• Capital Investments & Financial Re-structuring
– treasury (interim) management, debt restructuring, refinancing; finding funds – investors – raising capital
• Intermediary, Broker
– see also the ASEAN transaction listings on this site

Note that we are NOT a trader or a manufacturers agent such as an purchasing distributor, we offer Business Transaction Services and as Consultdustry we are normally hired on the basis of;
• a fixed or monthly recurring or a day / hour fee,
• plus reimbursement of expenses,
• plus a success commission fee.

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