Contingent Non Exclusive Recruitment


“Contingent Recruitment, Use It As Intended And Not As Penny Wise, Pound Foolish”

Contingent non-exclusive recruitment is senior management recruitment, with payment of the fee contingent on the hiring a referred candidate – part of the commission at the beginning of the hiring and smaller part at expiry probation.

Usually, this method of non-exclusive recruitment is recommended when;
• positions are low level and non-critical to the organisation
• many qualified candidates will be available
• if a large number of job positions has to be filled
• when speed is a higher priority over quality
• if clients’ hiring manager wants to control screening process and interviewing candidates
• as it is non-exclusive; broader exposure to candidates results in a high volume of resumes from multiple sources
• up or down tuneable candidate flow depending on needs and urgency

The disadvantages often attached to contingent recruitment (non-exclusive recruitment), we do not want to leave unmentioned, are;
• time-consuming
– clients’ intensive cooperation and involvement in reviewing a large volume of resumes, control screening process and interviewing candidates
• risk of misrepresentation
– misrepresentation of clients’ business due to misinterpretations, lack of information, candidates judgement will be based on their experience with the recruiter
• non-exclusive recruitment
– this means also; resumes are sent even to competitors, and best candidates will go most likely to the highest commission payment
• contingency recruiters do have the incentive to negotiate compensation on behalf of the candidate (selling the job attitude, instead of selecting the best candidates available)
• limited sourcing often select only candidates that are on the "market"
• potential disputes between agencies that have submitted the same candidate
• lack of commitment from agencies as priority will be the quick-wins

As we strive for quality, customer integration and customer satisfaction, we build relationships based on trust and integrity. With sensitive issues as recruitment, we do NOT want to be linked with (fast) poor or partial solutions! Consultdustry is a contingent recruitment partner that match, candidates and companies to achieve mutual success for both. An approach and method that will suit and benefits all.