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Contract Staffing

Contract staffing (or contract recruitment) is a “co-employment” relationship as we supply staff for clients, for a specific function and time period, at certain conditions and specified monthly rate.

Clients main benefits in contract staffing / contract recruitment are;
• rapid placements due to immediate access to candidates with specific skill sets
• increase staffing flexibility and scalability
• reduced hiring risk (investment, productivity loss)
• outsource of accounting issues (payroll, timesheets, tax filings, etc.)
• outsource of HRM legal and administrative matters (visa, work permit, insurance, logistics)
• outsource human resource issues (workers’ compensation, benefits, etc.)
• eliminate pre-hire costs (advertising, background checks and screening, etc.)
• option of temp- to-perm conversions (extended probationary period)
• seasoned contract employees are direct productive and have specialized skills
• contract staff is unprejudiced and can provide new insights
• ability to relieve inexperienced workers through training on the job
• relieve inexperienced workers through training on the job
• reduction of unemployment exposure (cost, reputation)
• maintain budget controls (operating budget vs. capital budget)
• avoid internal office politics

In general in contract staffing our task as an conract recruitment agency will be;
• do the pay rolling
• pay the employee
• pay and withholds payroll taxes
• provide workers’ compensation
• provide employment services as visa, work permit, insurance, logistics
• ensure civil rights compliance
• has the right to hire and fire
• hear and act on complaints from the employee about working conditions

The task of our clients in contract staffing contract recruitment will be;
• supervise and direct day-to-day work
• control working conditions at the work site
• ensure a safe work site, including civil rights compliance by employees
• determine the length of the assignment

Main will be that liability and responsibility must be considered on subjects like;
• training needs
– no matter how skilled or unskilled, a certain amount of training is required in order for them to perform their assigned tasks to suit the specific needs of that company
• morale issues and employee relations
-problems can arise when temps working alongside permanent employees getting better paid then the permanent employee co-workers
• safety issues
– certain types of jobs are inherently dangerous and require careful safety training and supervision (client full responsibility, not we as an staffing & recruitment agency)
• legal concerns
– there must be no doubt about the workers’ status and about the lack of eligibility for the benefits of permanent employees as they must be treated equally .

Contract staffing could benefit all parties; clients, we as the agency and also the candidates, as candidate’s main advantages of contract staffing / contract recruitment are;
• higher earning potential
• flexible lifestyle
• opportunity to travel
• variety in work scope
• possibility of permanent contract

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