Corporate Finance & Legal Services


Corporate Finance & Legal Services
• provide corporate finance and legal assitance and proceedings

Process & Roles
Our Corporate Finance & Legal Services can be enabled for
• financing interposition & negotiation
• corporate & business investment
– organisation and structuring of business entities
– business, assets transfers
• debt restructuring
– rescheduling of debts
– recovery of credits
• financial restructuring, bankruptcy and creditors’ rights
• dispute resolution
– disputes with vendors and customers
– warranties & contracts
• confidentiality
– contracts, non-disclosure agreements (NDA)
– authorised intermediary
• labour Law
– contracts
– labour and employees disputes
– visa and work permit
• other legal services
– intellectual property
– trademark, copyright, patent
– real estate law

Our corporate finance and legal services are primarily supportive and complementary to interim management, such as crisis and turnaround management and to business transactions (mergers and acquisitions, venture capital, loans and / or partnerships) and business development (start-ups etc.).
Specialist services in the context of:
• continuity development,
• positioning and improvement and
• value appreciation of our clients.