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Demand Signals Interim Management

“Identify, Accept & Hire – Time Is A Success Factor “

We normally distinguish a need for executive interim management in
• consciously anticipate to prevent future possible problems
• dormant or hidden problems, mostly c
lient is (still) in a denied phase
• very obvious need and distress, any delay in problem solving is unacceptable (note: this does not mean that executive interim management is the best and most appropriate solution)

Furthermore we have classified the demand signals by its origin
• policy
• management and staff
• finance
• market & sales
• internal organization

Weak Demand Signals Executive Interim Management
Potential (sometimes hidden) problems prior to deployment executive interim management

mostly need of;
• Turnaround Interim Management
• Transition Interim Management
• Start-up Interim Management
• Executive Interim Management

Policy & board decisions & anticipating actions
• all changes in strategy & business plans
• focus on core, changes & implementation by an interim – capacity and knowledge added to existing management
• need of (second) opinion
• need of valuation or assurance
• unbalance in SWOT
• start-ups
• merge & acquisition – preliminary, integration, closure
• restructuring
• business development (new markets/products, partnerships)
• (temporary) projects

Market & Sales
• declining sales
• shrinking market share
• stocks rising
• customer complaints
• longer lead times
• failing communication & PR or an “attack”

Internal Organization
• structural losses
• decrease in labor productivity
• accounting, lack of management information
• not or hard to fill positions
• lack of expertise
• lack of resources / capacity
• disruptions and blockages
• need of implementation power
• poor internal communication

• loss or threat to profitability
• lack of cash, solvency
• capital investments
• poor relationship, lack of trust with funders

Management and Staff
• oppressive atmosphere, stress
• conflicts, lack of acceptance / support
• breach of trust management / staff
• disagreement within the board
• high staff turnover
• indifferent / demotivated staff

Strong Demand Signals Executive Interim Management 
Most significant problems – Clear Present & Urgent

mostly need of;
• Crisis / Recovery Interim Management
• Turn-around Interim Management

• operate and reorganization under the bankruptcy law
• poor financial results and solvency
• high costs, inefficient business processes
• poor financial management and planning
• intervene or investors / financiers

• failing and incomplete reorganization and integration (merge)
• lack of strategic vision
• failing strategy execution
• failing hrm policy / execution

Market & Sales
• insufficient commercial power
• new entrants in the market

Management and Staff
• inadequate management teams (internally focused, low result)
• insufficient responsibility for results
• poor communication and management information

Any demand signals for interim management solutions?
Note time is a factor for success, so do not postpone decisions.
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