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“Change & Improvement Implementers”

In short we do Organisation Development, execute development programs;
• as supervisors, cooperating partners or executive managers
• implementation of change management and performance improvement programs
• at tactical and operational level
• the project management of those pograms (change management and performance improvement programs)
• with the culture alignment and
• implementations of effective and efficient operation processes
• and its management.

In principle, our “Development: Change Management and Performance Improvement Business Consulting Services” can be differentiate into;
(pre-made) development modules of a general nature which are already evolved by us
customer specific development programs to be determined, a taylor-made plan based on clients requirement defined by a strategic policy and/or a consultancy report(s).

Our evolved development modules are
• Change Management & Implementations (general)
• Performance Improvement, methods such as Lean Six Sigma
• Strategy Execution
• Business Process Re-engineering (BPR)
• Asset Management, Optimalisation and Cost Efficiency
• Preliminary Merge & Acquisitions and Post Merger Integration
• Risk Management
• Talent Management
• Supply Chain Management
• Outsourcing, Business Process Outsourcing

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