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FAQ & User Terms

Our Goal
To promote, increase by offering possible business opportunities in a Free Business Transations Adverts Board

Terms Of Use
• Consultdustry offers the ability to post business ads for free
• All advertisements must be directly related to business such as acquisitions, venture capital, loans and / or partnerships, in or with ASEAN / Asia Pacific region.
• All non-related adverts will be removed immediately without any discussion.
• Users agree not to hold Consultdustry responsible for issues or claims in they and all other users post and do
• Abuse, indecent material and posts, conspicuous advertising (to other sites) and/or multi-level marketing (MLM) will also automatically lead to the removal of the advertisement.
• Violation of laws, posting rules and contact spamming of other users will not be tolerated
• We reserve the right to eliminate permanently without any explanation users and ads on our website.
• We also reserve the right to permanently banish people and advertisements on our website
• The poster is responsible for placing the ad and Consultdustry can not be held responsible for the content of these adverts
• All contact(s) are also fully accountable to the user(s)
• We are not responsible for the mediation and agreements between the parties and will not mediate in disputes
• We are also not responsible for any technical problems caused by others (server / provider)
• User(s) agree not to hold Consultdustry responsible for any issues or claims in what they and all other users post and do
• By using this site visites and users agree to comply with these conditions and promise to comply with it

How To Do
• Only registered users can after login, post adverts (for free) and response to business transaction adverts
• By responding to an advertisement there will be an exchanged mutual contact
• A response on a posted advert will be reported through an alert email to the original poster
• The advert original poster has in “My Advert” an overview of the responses including their message and contact data.
• Adverts can be delete and repost for an extention period by the original poster
• All users do have an overview of their posted advert as well their responses
• Anonymous adverts can be posted but immediately after a response is send both the original poster as the response applicant know each other contact details
• By exchanging contact information all further follow up can done directly without any interference of the site / business transaction board

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