Interim Management

  • Interim Management Explained

    • What is (executive) interim management?
    • Executive interim management is
      • on contract basis in the role of director
      • providing exceptional skills, management power and business solutions,
      • to deliver on a contract basis agreed, measurable & sustainable results
      and is the trinity of
      • operational day-to-day management on c-level,
      • advice and planning consultancy and
      • the implementation of changes and/or improvements.

      What is executive interim management?

      An outline of executive interim management.

      Companies today are facing increasingly in swift pace challenges, and companies have to find methods to their advantage to keep their business operations to remain successful. Many important questions arise, including what kinds of options are available to attract and engage latent management sources.

      As the complexity of the economic and technical environment increases, the more crucial it is for an enterprise to recruit and hire qualified executives. And although the competition for such skilled people becomes stiffer, they will expect more specific qualifications from them nowadays.

      Even though many companies still rely on existing staff, there is the option to hire interim executives in certain situations, such as making abrupt changes. Given the benefits of executive interim management, short-term assignments of interim executives have become a growing and entirely accepted trend.

      Today, shareholders and/or the Supervisory Board may prefer, for various reasons, to appoint seasoned, results-oriented, hands-on professionals with a proven track record to suit the position on a temporary contract basis. Interim executives make plans to direct the business strategy, lead the day-to-day operations, and shape and guide change processes.

      Interim executives can be immediately available with a fresh, unbiased approach. They encourage and lead strategic initiatives, drive business improvements, push business growth, or even inaugurate transition into executive leadership roles. Hiring executive interim directors can be an essential resource for a company that needs to change direction or faces a situation where problems and other unforeseen challenges arise. Interim executives are independent and offer significant proven experience in similar cases arising from previous assignments, business understanding, specific practical skills to achieve fast and lasting results.

      People who are highly skilled at their jobs perform better than others because they take pride in their work. Interim business leaders are more than just good managers. Interim executives are the ones who find opportunities, act upon them and do adapt to changing environments. They also think about how their assignments do affect other people. They understand their role and how to become and stay successful in business. Interim managers dare to solve problems, desire to develop business, inspire and create support of all involved parties, and improve business performance and sustainability.

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