Interim Management

  • Profile Interim Manager

    • What is the difference between an interim manager and an executive director?
    • The difference in knowledge and experience is especially necessary because interim managers are contracted in unusual situations or as we set up interim management at Consultdustry 'uncommon, risky & nasty jobs.' 
      * interim manager
      • unique personal characteristics
      • independent, self-employed, able to make drastic decisions
      • overqualified
      • objective, also increases acceptance and decisiveness
      • situational and transformational leadership, flexible, able to take on the most appropriate role
      • experience in leading an operational business in a problematic/change situation
      • experience in (strategic) analyse & advice procedures
      • experience in implementing change processes

      * executive director (board of directors)
      • an employee, limited by career interests
      • fixed role of leadership
      • operational management, overloaded with day-to-day operational decisions/problem solving
      • no or limited experience in strategic advice and the implementation of changes 

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