Interim Management

  • Reasons To Hire Interim Managers Through Us

    • What is the role and tasks of an interim management agency?
    • Contracting an interim management agency will give better outcomes. An agency like Consultdustry will do much more as the recruitment services of an interim manager. Interim management agencies’ task do include; 
      • protect the client against possible missteps
      • indicate if interim management the most suitable solution is
      • order intake
      • assisting the client in formulating the assignment and conditions
      • offering advice and guidance (analysis, advice and implementing)
      • select and introduce available, most appropriate candidate(s)
      • supporting customer (sounding board, mentor)
      • advising/supervising clients decisions
      • ensuring process obligations
      • advising/supervising  interim manager in master plan and reports
      • monitor/advising the periodic reporting and consultation
      • monitor the quality of the services, procedures and goals
      • principle/progress management; supervise and guide for best results to prevent conflicts
      • ability to provide additional specific expertise, services and support
      • ensure the correct completion and transfer/follow-up
      • arranging the replacement of the interim manager (if needed)
      • some form of guarantee for maintaining position without potential claims

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