Interim Management

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    • Who are the interim managers of Consultdustry?
    • Consultdustry is an Asia/ASEAN professional interim management & business consultancy agency and in cooperation with
      • associated

      independent , self-employed
      • top-level
      • native and expatriate  
      • interim managers and consultants
      we develop and improve business by practical and proven solutions.

      The interim managers of Consultdustry are
      • seasoned, exceptionally qualified, hands-on, practical execs
      • with the abilities as well as capacities
      • to provide an instant and enduring impact.

      The associated interim managers of our inner circle (250+ Asia natives and expats),
      • are all pre-screened and selected,
      • have over 20 years of specific professional and sector experience (do not have an 'I can do attitude'),
      • have chosen interim management as their career path,
      • own a proven track record,  
      • are proactive,
      • organisational and business conscious,
      • with outstanding change management, project management as well as communication abilities.

      In general interim managers
      • are rationally over-qualified
      • for the interim projects, they take on,
      • and have considerable practical and also sector experience.
      Another determination is;
      • successfully tackled similar problems with which the customer is confronted,
      • skills that closely match the demands of the customer
      • and readily available.

      One more note: interim managers do vary from consultants and advisors since they (interim managers)
      • are accountable and
      • have decision-making power
      • with a clear mandate to act upon the customer's behalf.

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