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“Our Finance Competencies List - We Use To Select/Recruit Interim & Temporary Finance Managers, Finance Consultants & Your Permanent Fnance Professionals”

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Finance management services
Consultdustry has excellent understanding and finance management experience, which we can use to profit our consumers in numerous finance management services. Basically unmatched, we add value to organizations, are customer-focused, emphatically meet service requirements, and often surpass assumptions. Before we supply a significant recap of the certain and the various finance management competencies as well as the knowledge about feasible finance management tasks, let us detail the various finance management services we offer. Our finance management experts execute the adhering agreements in;
• Executive interim management:
C-suite finance directors for preparation and eventually in charge of particular service goals, from planning, prep work, checking to realization as an acting board supervisor.
• Temporary, functionally operational and implementation of finance management tasks:
Finance managers, supervisors of particular financing teams and departments, as well as finance management processes. In this, our finance professionals are main for daily finance management operations and secondary for feasible implementation of defined business adjustments and also effectuation of treatments. Hiring short-lived management can compensate for the lack of monitoring sources in particular experience skills and also competence.
• Finance management consulting:
Adding finance management consultants to a company as independent and non-executive counsellors. With this, the function of finance management consultants will be
- giving opinions and direction in some areas of knowledge that can be determined as finance management.
- lead, direct, and help in the awareness of specific finance management tasks and procedures.
• Finance management staff & recruiting
Supplying executive search solutions for executive finance management positions, non-exclusive contingent employment and prospective candidate searches - long-term appointments or temporary finance management positions such as;
* finance director (director of finance management) or finance executive
* finance manager
Other, in finance management, job names for primarily the greatest tasks and a sign of their degree of control and also intricacy; employee, supervisor, planner,

* other finance management duties:
• finance managed services & solutions
Individually or in cooperation with partners, we have the expertise, staffing and various other sources to take over all or a part of the finance management procedures. Clients can outsource their finance management tasks and transfer accounting and finance jobs with an exact formulated service-level contract based on a fair commission to recognize reciprocal and cumulative benefits. As finance management specialists, we are customer-oriented, trustworthy, and will save costs on finance management activities. Besides a straight cost reduction, they can focus on their consumers, their primary processes, their company's tasks, activities that belong to their core business, excel in its unique processes, and secure its distinctiveness.

What is Finance Management?
It is of the utmost importance for every company and management board to closely monitor its financial side. After all, managers want to know the financial position, possible risks, the prevention of financial setbacks and surprises, and the decisions and investments must be made well-considered and consciously.
The structure regarding finance management consists of three elements;
• Financial accounting
- the field of generating financial statements.
• Management accounting
- the financial data, the decisions to be taken, and the policy's determination result from that financial information.
• Corporate finance
- the assessment and activities from a cash flow perspective emphasize investments, risks and time.
* Financial accounting
The principle of double-entry accounting has been in use since the 14th century and will not change in the coming years. The issue of and the free trading of shares - and thus the creation of ownership by those not directly involved in the company's management - subsequently resulted in the annual reports. The annual report aims to review financial position and performance with unknown owners; the shareholders. Listed companies must make this information publicly available.
Among people who are not financially non-finance people, it is often unclear about the terms and difference between annual report and annual accounts. In fact, it is a simple distinction
- the annual report; is more comprehensive and consists of the report of the Board of Management, the Supervisory Board report, the annual accounts, the auditor's report, and other additional information. The auditor's report statement serves to assure the shareholders of the correctness of the prepared annual accounts.
- a financial statement is the financial part of the annual report and consists of at least of the Profit and Loss Account, the Balance Sheet, the Cash Flow Statement, and an explanation of these three statements.
* Financial Accounting The financial statements are prepared in the administration based on the seven accounting principles. The three overviews of financial management
--- The balance Sheet
A balance sheet is an overview of assets and their value on the debit side. On the credit side are the liabilities and debts. The difference is the equity capital.
--- The Cash Flow Statement
The cash declarations of incoming receipts and outgoing payments. Outgoing will be direct operational and indirect operating costs, financing costs and other exceptional costs. Such a setup can also used to determine the extent to which the forthcoming payment obligations can be met; the cash flow forecast.
--- The Profit and Loss Statement
The ultimate operating result, the turnover minus the direct turnover-related costs and the reservation of the budgeted indirect costs, settled with the difference between the actual and passed on, reserved indirect costs already included in the P&L Statement. Such arrangements can be made at the corporate level but also at the product and project level.
- Consolidation of financial statements.
An annual account must state whether it comprises a single company or whether it concerns a consolidation (the group as the company with all its subsidiaries, but with the removal of internal turnover and settlements, therefore excluding the turnover outside the group).
* Management accounting
Those activities include the provision of financial management information. Data will contain the typical financial issues such as pricing, cost developments, turnover developments to specific differentiations such as region, product and product groups, etc.
* Corporate Finance
Corporate finance is primarily concerned with profit maximization, capital minimization and increasing returns. In short, they are maximizing shareholder value through long and short-term financial planning and implementing various strategies to this end. The core of such financial planning is dealing with funding sources, capital structuring and investment decisions.
The following characteristics are almost always included in a finance manager job description and profile;
• professionally, financially competent and also update this knowledge
• investigative and dedicated
• business and strategic insight
• integrity, ethical leadership
• proactive and unambiguously honest in communication and proposals
• accurate and structured
• team-building skills

In consulting, temporary and interim management, we provide seasoned, skilled finance professionals, who do excel in Finance Management and Finance Management Consulting, in senior positions
• financial director, financial manager, financial supervisor/team leader
• operational accounting & finance professionals
• controllers (project, department, business), internal, certified) auditors, chartered accountants (CPA)
• finance consultants, corporate finance & finance project managers, specialists, advisors and analysts (financial consulting)

In finance management and financial consulting we excel in the following activities:

Accounting - accounting professionals

Controlling / Auditing – chartered accountants (CPA), controllers, auditors
• Primary operational tasks
• Business Analyses
• Business Control
• Financial Accounting & Control
• Financial Analyse
• Financial Planning
• Financial Reports & Statement
• Internal Audit
• Management Accounting

Specific administration, accounting and finance competences
• Actuary Contracts
• Administration & Control - HR, Salary
• Administration & Control - Project & Programme
• Administration & Control - Supply Chain
• Administration & Control - Manufacturing
• Administrative Organization  
• Annual Reports
• Automation, ICT
• Budgeting
• Consolidation
• Credit Checking
• Fixed Assets (Financial Accounting)
• HR Benefits & Expenses
• HR Payroll
• HR Tax & social Security Pre-collections
• Insurance
• Internal Control, Planning & Control
• Activity Based Costing (management accounting)
• Cost Management (management accounting)
• Management Reporting & Information
• Pricing, Estimations, Order Costs
• Project Administration - Project Estimate At Completion / Forecasting
• Project Administration - Resource planning
• Project Administration - Work Breakdown Structure
• Sales Analysis & Reporting
• Sales Commissioning
• Solve Administrative Backlogs
• Subventions
• Supply Chain - Inventory & Warehousing Costs
• Supply Chain - Purchasing & Purchasing Costs
• Supply Chain - Stock Registration & Accounting
• Taxes Declaration, Liabilities (VAT, corporate tax)
• Treasury Management & Cash Management

Financial consulting, corporate finance & finance projects
Finance consultants, finance project managers, finance specialists, advisors & analytics
Finance consultants
• Balanced scorecard (BSC) Key performance indicators (KPI)
• Cost Accounting
• Cost Reduction Planning & Executing
• Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERP)
• Financial Risk Assessment & Risk Management
• Forensic Accounting
• General and Administrative Costs (G&A)
• Generally Accepted Accounting Principles ([USA] GAAP)
• Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC)
• International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
• Investments Reviews
• Investment Control
• Legal Auditing
• Program and Change Interim Management
• Sarbanes - Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX)
• Service-Level Agreement (SLA)
• Spreadsheet Specialists
• Structured Trade & Commodity Finance (STCF) Commodity Hedging
• Untwine and Outsource Activities
Corporate Finance
• Bankruptcy, Insolvency and Recovery Management
• Business Cases, Feasibility Studies, Investments Reviews
• Business Valuations-Due Diligences
• Corporate Accounting Reporting
• Detection and Prevention Fraudulent Activities
• Financial Communications
• Financial Restructuring (debt & equity), Renegotiating Financial Facilities
• Investor relations
• Partnerships
• Merge & Acquisitions, Management Buy-outs, Management Buy-ins
• Raise Finance Capital From
- Business Banks
- Crowdfunding
- Factoring
- Informal Investors
- Initial Public Offerings (investment banks)
- Leasing
- Venture Capital