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“Temporary Finance Professionals Contributing To Company’s Financial Backbone”

The economy is the base and the economy seems to be breaking down or acts like a rollercoaster. Decrease, growth, transformations, projects, regenerations and improvements. Every organization has to handle this. The finance department of today’s companies is – more than ever – where this is keenly felt. It requires perseverance and decisiveness. Financial departments with the creativity and flexibility to prepare and to adjust more rapidly to ever changing situations and needs of implementing revised policies.
Financial backlogs, temporary positions, implement new structures and systems, managing of and participating in projects, inserting specific financial knowledge, new internal context and guidelines, new laws and regulations. The temporary finance professionals of Consultdustry know how to handle this.
Finance professionals who are given the responsibility and will excel; at their own position to strengthen clients’ financial organization. Reliable and value-added applicable in the beating heart of an company. We ensure and have proven that we can seamlessly work together. To set goals and to create the conditions for the future. Consultdustry financial consulting services provides temporary finance professionals who make a significant contribution to a company’s financial backbone!

Consultdustry provides through associated finance professionals the following services:
• execution of complex financial, administrative and business economics jobs
• implement of management decisions, new regulations, changing organizational structures and automation systems,
• financial temporary / interim management, financial project management and financial change management,
• financial consulting advice and support in strategic management and decision-making.

In general we fulfill temporary management and senior positions as;
• financial director, financial manager, financial supervisor / team leader,
• operational accounting professionals,
• controllers (project, department, business), (internal, certified) auditors, chartered accountants (cpa), (internal) auditors,
• finance consultants, corporate finance & finance projects managers, specialists, advisors, analysts (financial consulting)

Accounting – accounting professionals
Our accounting professionals at middle and senior level do have broad experience and a mind-set of pro-active, accuracy and responsibility. They are trusting, but only believe the facts. Consultdustry accounting professional do check, verify and re-calculate. Our customers in the tech industry can build on our accounting professionals. Our accounting professionals manage; steer, coordinate, monitor and report. Their activities are broad. They carry out, analyse, control, monitor and structure complex financial processes. They are involved in the preparation of the periodic financial reports of companies. Accounting professionals who are responsible for the correct and complete closure of the financial administration. They constantly monitor developments in the area of legislation and regulations. Our accounting professionals are exceptionally competent and highly communicative skills due to many years of experience and an attitude to be subservient in temporary finance management to clients. Consultdustry accounting professionals are heavily involved with stakeholders, linking between departments and employees. Understanding relations and relevant developments within a client organization well.
Temporary accounting professionals – middle and senior positions – tasks and competences are listed here

Controlling / Auditing – chartered accountants (cpa), controllers, auditors
Our chartered accountants (cpa), controllers and auditors have a lot of practical experience and a solid background in finance and specific in controlling and auditing companies in the tech industry . They accustomed to positions with a high degree of responsibility and set high goals for themselves and the companies for which they work as temporary professionals. Controlling / auditing is for our chartered accountants (cpa), controllers, auditors; achieve targets, support and manage departments and its employees, monitor the tactical and strategic financial policy and to assist the management boards. Checks and balances, Consultdustry finance professionals dig deep, no stone unturned around for trustworthy figures and facts. Our chartered accountants (cpa), controllers, auditors are versatile as they analyze, initiate, monitor and will improve the planning and control cycle. Analyzing the strategic financial management of your organization and budgeting procedures. Defining, tuning and monitoring of critical success factors (CSFs) and key performance indicators (KPIs). Monthly, quarterly and annual truthful reports. Our professionals execute, advice, monitor, re-design, implement and/or improve on behalf of the management board; audits, finance processes, structures and systems such as the internal control integrated framework.
In controlling / auditing our we work closely with the management and financial administration, banks, investors and other stakeholders, the accountant, business associations and the tax authorities.
Our chartered accountants (cpa), controllers and auditors are in controlling and auditing assignments excellent communicators, well informed of impossibilities and possibilities within finance and businesses, in controlling and auditing including in the area of recent laws and legislation.
For controlling / auditing tasks and competences of Consultdustry chartered accountants (cpa), controllers, auditors, click here

Financial consulting, corporate finance & finance projects – finance consultants, finance project managers, finance specialists, advisors & analysts
Our finance consultants are seasoned and do have a background in senior management positions at leading financial institutions and / or businesses in financial consulting, accountancy and industry. They have the right attitude and skills. Consultdustry finance consultants take initiative and responsibility, support our clients’ organization in financial projects, forecasts and identifying risks. Their reports are insightful and extremely clear, so policy makers can make the can take right decisions and measures. Their duties and responsibilities go far as they will take care of the functioning of the internal control integrated framework. In financial consulting our finance consultants audit, advice, assist, monitor, coordinate, design and implement and/or manage on behalf of the management board; finance capital, merge and acquisitions, corporate governance, risk and compliance applications and enterprise resource planning systems (ERP). They will develop risk management initiatives and initiate mitigation activities and report on the implementation of these control measures.
Our finance consultants are independence to act in the interests of the company and will also strongly proclaim this. And although they may well collaborate with colleagues, they never forget their independent role.
Our consultants have strong shoulders to carry the challenges. Finance consultants with considerable experience in the financial branch who are (also) specialized in guiding changes in processes and systems and the (re)-structuring of financial departments.
Professionals, decisively with respects to companies and their employees, who do have the knowledge and expertise of latest market and branch developments and legislation to serve and build our clients’ organization. Financial consulting assignments in the philosophy: ‘results’; develop and improve, build lasting relationships and a quality of service that is paramount.
Temporary finance professionals and financial consulting specialists – corporate finance & finance project consultants, finance consultants, finance specialists, finance advisors, finance analyst – tasks and competences can be found at the following webpage, read more

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