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Contributor Guidelines for Consultdustry Business Management Blog

Topic definition business management

Management of all business disciplines and the organisational activities to achieve planned business objectives successfully in an effective and efficient manner

Write a guest blog post on a business management blog
At Consultdustry, we urge sharing of useful experiences, concepts and thoughts by welcoming blog submissions from our website visitors who have distinctive practice and expertise in business management to write for us. Informative and stimulating guest posts, substantive articles that trigger opinions and start discussions, which do make us all excited and those that need to be published. Guest blog writing enables you to share your competence with others, create business relationships,  additionally enhance awareness, accentuate your expert authority and also will get you some valuable website traffic to your own web site. If this delights you and you desire to share your blog content to be acknowledged by our site visitor base, please review our guest blog post submission guidelines as well as our expectations listed below.

Who should write guest blog posts for Consultdustry?
The varied customer and web site visitor-base of Consultdustry motivates us to accept blog post submissions from;
• independent knowledge professionals
• independent advisors and consultants
• independent interim managers
• small business owners of boutique consulting firms,
• executives of SMEs and MNCs corporations,
• specialists of research, applied for science institutions and universities
• officers of federal government entities, and so on.
If you have an extensive understanding of business management and also know the most recent trends in this area, Consultdusty business management guest blog posts will be an excellent platform for you. We wish to be connected with you if;
• you are a specialist in all activities associated with business management and willing to share your expertise by publishing content articles detailing concepts and tips for business and management success
•  you intend to launch the distribution of your competence in business management and establish yourself as an expert authority in this field
• your main objective is to build connections and business partnerships with others in this area.

Why write business management guest blog posts for us
You have the knowledge to guide others, an opportunity to affect others, to be distinctive with your content. This and more, as well as you, accomplish visibility on the Consultdustry website with a large and very focused audience base interested in business management.
• broaden opportunities by developing professional relationships
• boost web site traffic to your site, blog or Linkedin profile by captivating site visitors with high-quality blog posts
• building backlinks from our Consultdustry site to your website, blog or Linkedin profile for search engine optimisation (SEO) motives.

Quality is the best guarantee to be published
As we are confident you know, there is currently already a lot of content articles online regarding business management topics. We are not interested in publishing average and low-quality blog posts. Top quality is what we need, and for both of us, it will make the difference to get enthusiastic readers. We search for and select authentic, reliable, practical concepts, case studies and really happened examples, smooth and structured content that contains genuine information, valued tips, real successes as well as unblushing failures. Blogs about business challenges - with a focus on real problems and the possible solutions for this are particularly valued. We are extremely demanding as we only select and publish about 10% of all the guest blog post we receive.

The business management topics we do cover
To give you a better idea of what we prefer to publish, find here below a list of business management topics which are appreciated most by our readers;
• boards (supervisory, executive, advisory)
• business consulting
• business models
• business partnerships
• business problems
• business process improvement
• career planning
• change management
• coaching & mentorship
• communications
• corporate governance
• crisis management
• decision making
• economics
• engineering
• entrepreneurship
• executive search & recruitment
• finance & financial management
• financing & venture capital
• general management & operations management
• globalisation
• government
• human resources management
• innovation
• intellectual property
• interim management & temporary management
• international business
• IT management
• knowledge management
• leadership & managing people
• legal management
• logistics & supply chain management
• management models & tools
• managing yourself
• manufacturing
• marketing
• mergers & acquisitions
• networking
• organisational culture & cross-cultural management
• procurement & sourcing
• productivity
• project management
• sales, customers & markets
• startup management
• strategy planning & execution
• technology, artificial intelligence (AI) & robots
• turnarounds & restructuring
• work-life balance

Consultdustry business management guest blog posts will NOT publish articles, without being complete, the following topics;
• affiliate and digital marketing
• art
• beauty & makeup
• entertainment
• fashion
• fitness
• food & dining
• gaming
• health
• make money online
• politics
• search engine optimisation (SEO)
• sport
• travelling
• web site traffic

Copyrights, Publishing & Distribution Rights
By submitting an article including its images for the guest blog post, you confirm that you are the single proprietor and writer of the submitted article and do own 100% of all copyrights relating to the article and images.
If someone violates your copyright; it will be you as the owner full responsibility to take legal action versus those violators that abuse your copyright to secure your interests.
By summiting your article you approve us, free of use, to publish and release your article on our site, including all reprint and distribution to for example; RSS feeds, email newsletters to members, associated and 3rd parties internet sites/platforms, and also print publications in magazines.

Guest blog posts submission guidelines
- submit only an article that is topic relevant and meets our guidelines!
- an article guest blog post requires to be objective, not over commercial to promote any kind of business, understandable for our readers and also informative
-  the article must be written by a business management expert
- original article content, unpublished somewhere else on the net
- all articles guest blog posts are restricted to be republished in third-party web sites and ought to be published exclusively for
- an article guest blog post must be well-written - grammatically as well as stylistically
- we urge making use of subheads as well as bullet points for highlighting essential factors for the comfort of the readers
- we may remove your submitted content from our site if it, or it's part, at a later time does harm our blog’s authority, violates our guidelines and/or the relevance and its value is no longer present.
- we expressly discourage articles and messages that are intended to exclusively promote websites, services, products and/or controversial opinions without providing substantive informational value.
- write articles for readers, not for search engine optimisation (SEO) and please prevent keyword stuffing, simply concentrate on valuable tips and information for our guest blog post readers

How to submit your well-written article?
If you want to submit your article for our guest blog posts or wish to discuss options and feasible subjects upfront writing the article, please contact us for your suggestions at
consultdustry (at)

Structure of article submission
We appreciate it if you submit your article in the following way
- select one of the given business management topics, as the category will be used for the search option
- contains a maximum of 55 characters, capitalise each word of the title
- may contain a maximum of 300 characters, but as we use these also for the metatag description 155 characters would be preferred
Main Text
- an article should contain a minimum of 800 words  and not be over 2,500 words
- capitalise every word in the subhead, exclusive the first letter of each word
- use it rarely, only the notable factors
- utilise simply one space between in between paragraphs.
- make use of subheadings, listings, images (maximum 2) and paragraphs to separate parts of the text
- created paragraphs with subheadings must have less than 350 words.
- write short not overly long sentences and do not utilise too often passive voice
Author Bio
- here you can include brief information (about 6 lines, maximum 75 words) about yourself, business and your expertise of business management
- you may add a personal (colour) picture, passport photo size at 128x99px  (W 3,5 cm x H 4, 5 cm or 1.37 in x 1.77 in) at a quality of 72dpi in .JPEG file format.
- in the main text, you may add maximum 2 anchor text (keywords) backlinks
- in the author bio you may add (3) links to your business or personal website, your LinkedIn profile and twitter account.
Pictures In Main Text
- you may post web a maximum of 2 high-quality site images (72 dpi) in your article. Recommended is  a format can be included 800x600px in 72dpi (ratio 4:3) and in .JPEG file format.
- you may add maximum 5 keywords which will be used for the page search option.

Post Publication
We value all the social signals we can obtain.
Please share your guest blog post from your individual and business social accounts.