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Harry Stultiens – managing partner

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Consultdustry Managers & Consultancy is a business activity of Dutchman Harry Stultiens and was founded in the late 2003, initially as an association of executive interim managers. Since 2014 Consultdustry Business Consulting is serving the Tech Industry of Asia Pacific area and is an unique independent consultancy firm operating as a business partner serving clients’ interest in develop and improve business by practical and proven solutions – “hands-on to achieve results”.

Besides practical and result driven, Consultdustry has an unique and distinctive approach;
• an integrated and complementary business consulting services
• an extensiveness cooperation with independent managers and consultants,
• to develop consulting services built around Interim Management, a business solution rather still unknown in Asia,
• actively connecting our networks, skills and experiences in Asia and The West.

Managing partner Harry Stultiens (1959) is a seasoned entrepreneur, a business strategist as well as an experienced general turnaround interim manager. Yield by a background of a family of entrepreneurs, in the final phase of his studies mechanical engineering and business administration he had to take over a medium-sized business in structural steel and machinery equipment company. Grown up with engineering, estimations, fabrication and installation proved to be good base for directing at a young age a family company and his proceedings turned to; strategy planning, project management, sales and problem solving. Through the years: further expansion and acquisitions lead to an increasing scope (and risks) of industrial and construction projects. But also the awareness to excel in distressed situations and the ability to develop businesses (companies’ profits and markets) did appoint him in 1993 as an independent turnaround interim manager. With over 22 years in executive interim management and business consulting experience Harry Stultiens has developed an approach aimed at result and reliability.

Today, he is the managing partner of Consultdustry, an ASEAN based business consulting firm and is a commander, facilitator as well as an intermediator in interim management and consultancy projects in Thailand and the Asia-Pacific region. In this, the activities are not restricted entirely to provide and supervise — usually with final responsibility — of local and expatriate associated interim managers and consultants but added value is also inserted through the Asian and Western alliances in applying mutual knowledge and connecting companies resulting in new business opportunities. Business consultancy assignments that are characterised by a high level of commitment, flexibility, a client specific approach and supported by an an extensive network.

Harry Stultiens does not limit his proceedings simply to a role of an intermediary broker, yet still execute himself interim management as well as consultancy projects and concentrates on advising top management in a wide range of tech industry sectors. Besides turnarounds, his primary focus is to initiate and execute business strategy changes, developing and understanding of the markets and exploit business opportunities. A solid combination of project management as well as power conversion, empathy and perseverance does generate prompt results.

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