Executive interim management is
• providing exceptional skills, management power and business solutions,
• to deliver agreed, measurable & sustainable results
and is the trinity of
• operational day-to-day management on c-level,
• advice and planning consultancy and
• the implementing of changes and/or improvements

The advantages of interim management are
• results-driven, hands-on realisation management
• availability & speed
• immediate sustainable results
• fresh perspective
• focus & explicitness
• objectivity & independent (not side-tracked by company politics)
• authority & experience (overqualified) gives effectiveness
• expertise in change, advice & implementing
• project commitment, control & handover / seal (continuity)
• added value to organisation development
• contract flexibility
• current management may be spared (long-term position)
• high value for money

Some drawbacks of interim management assignments to be aware of, are;
• unknown of specific details & history
• engaging external individuals
• requires openness & willingness principal/client!

The interim managers of Consultdustry are
• seasoned, exceptionally qualified, hands-on, practical execs
• with the abilities as well as capacities
• to provide an instant and enduring impact.
The associated interim managers of our inner circle (250+ Asia natives and expats),
• are all pre-screened and selected,
• have over 20 years of specific professional and sector experience (do not have an 'I can do attitude'),
• have chosen interim management as their career path,
• own a proven track record,  
• are proactive,
• organisational and business conscious,
• with outstanding change management, project management as well as communication abilities.
In general interim managers
• are rationally over-qualified
• for the interim projects, they take on,
• and have considerable practical and also sector exper more more

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