Interim Management


“Executive Interim Management - Business Problem Solvers”

Image: Interim management: ratio in activities (tasks and time) in change management (executive interim managers) and operational management (temporary management).

Appropriate Term;
• Business Problem Solvers

Executive interim management;
• interim c-level executives (interim CEO, interim COO, interim Cxx positions)
• to lead daily operations,
• plan and execute (strategy, growth, restructure, culture & change)-programs,
• with a focus on delivering agreed outcomes,
• acting in “uncommon, risky and nasty jobs”
• such as crisis/recovery, turn-around, transition, start-up and statutory executive interim management (interim CEO, interim COO, interim Cxx positions)

Consultdustry provides Executive Interim Management, in cooperation with associated executive interim managers, who ensure sustainable results, as they are;
• highly experienced, C-level executives (former CEO, COO, Cxx as associated interim managers)
• with specialist expertise and
• a proven track record
• hired on a project basis to solve problems
• managing the day to day operations
• fulfilling these line management responsibilities
• as well managing a period of transition or crisis
• for this period they are responsible for implementing a planned change
• on a contract base that will be delimited by time and will have defined objectives to achieve
• in this interim managers are offering a more cost-effective, practical and result driven solution than management consultants.

Image: Executive interim management versus professional / operational temporary management.

In executive interim management, we distinguish the following services which are often associated with the urgency of executive interim management contracts;
• Crisis Interim Management / Recovery Interim Management
• Turn-around Interim Management
• Transition Interim Management
• Project Interim Management
• Program Interim Management
• Start-up Interim Management
• Executive Interim Management as a temporary statutory managing director / interim CEO

Image: Types of executive interim management; transition, turnaround, recovery and startup (program & project interim management is not included in this image).

Crisis Interim Management / Recovery Interim Management
This is a business crisis, a significant emergency situation in which the functioning of an organisation is seriously disrupted, often accompanied by negative publicity and the continuity of the business is seriously threatened. Bankruptcy threatens, creditors and financiers fear that financial obligations cannot be fulfilled. Recovery is often characterised by a lack of financial resources, the regaining of trust and control, a brief decision time as acute interventions are necessary which are accompanied by a forced implementation of measures and changes.

Turnaround Interim Management
A process aimed at strategically repositioning the company and/or the recovery and improvement of the business performance in a short and medium term. Turnarounds are timely reorganisation or expansion/preparation for the future. In a turnaround, there is often a two-track approach to stop non-core and unprofitable activities and on the other hand the development of structural profitability through growth and build competitive advantages. Typical assignments are; financial underperforming businesses, exponential organisational growth, a strong downturn of sales or loss of market share, mergers, divestitures, leadership/management conflicts, downsizing and dismissal of jobs etc.