Our belief
• each company may occasionally need some management assistance and/or specific expertise.

Our goal
• serving clients’ interest, to develop and improve business through practical and proven solutions – “hands-on to achieve results”.

Consultdustry stands for
• continuity development,
• position improvement and
• value appreciation of our clients.

Our business & management consulting services
• is built around Interim Management, which is only occasionally occurring but has a direct consistency to all our other separately offered services.

Consultdustry business & management consulting is
• a strong business & management consulting team
• of native and expatriate,
• experienced,
• mutually reinforcing associates,
• motivated by challenges,
• dedicated and aiming for higher purposes (being privileged has an obligation),
• acting with respect for clients’ enterprises and its staff,
• with understanding past, culture and the circumstances of clients,
• sincerely, transparent, result driven working (effectuate)
• with and for engaging clients,
• serving Tech Industry in ASEAN countries.

Our integral and multidisciplinary business & management consulting services are
• interim management – business problem solvers
• temporary management – expert job contractors
• staffing and recruitment – job matchmakers
• counseling – boardroom advisors
• development – change & improvement implementers
• business transactions – business developers, brokers & connectors
For each of these services, we will give below a brief description of the method and characteristic of our these distinctive business consulting services.

Interim Management – business problem solvers
• interim c-level executives
• to lead daily operations,
• plan (counseling) and execute (development: strategy, growth, restructure, culture & change)-programs,
• with a focus on delivering agreed outcomes,
• acting in “uncommon, risky and nasty jobs”
• such as crisis/recovery, turn-around, transition and start-up interim management.

Temporary Management – expert job contractors
• in case of momentary need of highly, specific skilled senior manager(s) or teams
• for projects, additional expertise, expansion of capacity or as a substitute
• to lead departments and key initiatives,
• to improve and implement programs,
• to manage complex projects or
• to fill business-critical roles.

Staffing and Recruitment – job matchmakers
• skilful veteran recruiters
• selecting for higher level functions,
• effective and efficient selection processes (the right filters tuned),
• in-depth understanding of skills, competencies, motivation and dynamic behaviour,
• honest and clear in communications
• linking the best possible “fit” (candidates to employers),
• where for both long-term relationship and efficiency are paramount.

Counseling – boardroom advisors
• executive coach, strategy & policy consultants for
• vision, mission and strategy development,
• suggest, substantiate and auditing of
• feasibility studies, business plans, policies and advisory processes,
• as a mentor, coach or as a non-executive director
• all to assist in achieving objectives.

Development – change & improvement implementers (execute programs)
• supervisors, cooperating partners or executive managers
• implementation of change and improvement programs
• at tactical and operational level
• the project management of those programs
• with the culture alignment and
• implementations of effective and efficient operation processes
• and it's management.

Business Transactions – business developers, brokers & connectors
• deploy expertise and extensive network
• to review, establish, develop, facilitate matchmaking and/or mediate
• in business ideas, plans & landings (foreign start-ups),
• trade (sourcing, sales representatives, import/export),
• investments & capital funding (raising),
• merge & acquisitions and partnerships.

Consultdustry Business & Management Consulting 
• serving Tech Industry in ASEAN Countries
• with a team of highly qualified, hands-on, pragmatic executives with the skills and abilities to deliver an immediate and lasting impact,
• a unique market position in interim management, temporary management, staffing and recruitment, counseling boardroom advisors and business transactions.

Consultdustry business consulting & management consulting is consulting services 
• Interim Management
• Temporary Management
• Staffing and Recruitment
• Counseling
• Development
• Business Transactions
Serving Tech Industry in ASEAN Countries
• Brunei Darussalam
• Cambodia
• Indonesia
• Lao PDR
• Malaysia
• Myanmar
• Philippines
• Singapore
• Thailand (HQ)