Interim Management Pitfalls


The assignment content - interim management pitfalls

• a missing and/or incorrect assignment formulation
• incorrect problem identification
• causes and underlying issues of the problems are not recognised and addressed
• the assignment is not or insufficiently clear
• the organisational position of the interim manager is not clear
• the interim manager is doing or suddenly has to do new things
• facing hidden defects, unexpected setbacks
• there is a - unknown - hidden assignment
• there is a 'conflict of interest'
• the interim manager loses focus and does not recognise that the task is increasingly deviating from the targets
• interim management turns out to be a wrong instrument

The client - interim management pitfalls
• has insufficient financial resources
• selects an interim manager on criteria and manner as usual for permanent positions (and not interim management assignments)
• does not provide sufficient active participation and supervision from policy and strategy perspective
• does not consider the interim manager as an outsider and directs the interim manager as a permanent employee
• has an insufficient willingness to self-reflection and consequence acceptance
• does changes during assignment of strategy and policy
• drastically change the interim management assignment and objective
• gives no or inadequate support to the implementation
• does underestimate the problem
• does underestimate the impact
• has an overly optimistic timeline
• has unrealistic expectations
• loses its position or disappears suddenly
• goes back to 'business as usual', after the departure of the interim manager
• appoints a successor of the interim manager who has entirely different ideas (the policy and method of working will not be continued)
• wishes to employ permanently the interim manager (who has a limited expiry date)

The interim manager - interim management pitfalls
• no or insufficient interim management experience
• has an incorrect, not fitting, management style
• lack of empathy, no personal click with others
• suffer from professional deformation, starts to work on a routine
• wants to score too fast
• gets emotionally committed
• overloaded in the daily routine operations
• has lack of industry knowledge or industry experience
• does lack the required functional knowledge and experience
• has not a good 'culture fit'

The process supervision management - interim management pitfalls
• no or inadequate or intake of the interim assignment
• lack or (partial) failure of process supervision management
• lack of management information and tools
• an incomplete or missing Action Plan
• not or insufficiently updating of the Action Plan
• insufficient adjustment and act according to the agreed Action Plan
• not or insufficiently formalising the decisions with the client
• no periodic consultation to discuss assignment and progress
• the assignment will expand to uncontrollable
• insufficient embedding, the assurance of assignment execution is missing
• no / poor transfer of work and knowledge after completion of the assignment
• business interests do not prevail, too many conflicts of interest and disputes
• exceeding the financial budget and commitment of internal and external man-hours

The assignment environment - interim management pitfalls
• there is a culture that in particular, nothing must change
• gives an enormous disruption of the daily business operations
• an imbalance in tempo of forcing the interim implementation and the processing versus the absorption capacity
• the interim manager has become fully part of the organisation
• the organisation is too dependent on the skills of the interim manager
• the interim manager gets or wants responsibilities that are not appropriate in the situation
• the interim manager does not get the people involved
• there are insufficient capacity and knowledge available to build on
• the assignment will expand more and more
• the interim manager incorrectly estimates the influence of certain persons

To draw up this list of - interim management pitfalls - we were also inspired by the book by
Jacques J.A.M. Reijniers - Interim management: a true profession.