“Business Expertise & Passion Is Our Capital To Serve Our Customers With Sustainable Results”

Consultdustry Business Consulting Managers & Consultants guarantees competent and customer oriented;
• management advice and consultancy
• implementation and realisation management
• business support services.

Image: Consultdustry management business consulting services overview, sector of services and area of services

Professional business consulting agency ASEAN & China
We are an ASEAN professional business consulting agency with an extensive network and in cooperation with
• top-level associated - native and expatriate - interim managers and consultants,
we primarily focus on:
• continuity development,
• business and competitiveness improvement and
• increasing shareholder value of our clients.
In principle, our essence is to develop and improve business by practical and proven solutions.

Management association to deliver, in a proper manner, the best practical and proven business solutions
Our collective of Consultdustry advisors and affiliated interim managers/consultants are;
• seniors with long-term work experience,
• professionals connected by a corresponding philosophy in vision, approach and entrepreneurship,
• acting with respect to clients’ enterprises and its staff,
• who understand the past and the circumstances of clients,
• and ultimately represent a solid performance – transparent, result driven and communicate in a ‘normal’ understandable language.

In short, we are management consultants and interim managers who excel in performance management by appropriate, effective and efficient business services & solutions.
• effective in advice and management in which integrity and clients’ interest comes first!

We at Consultdustry Business Consulting are a valued partner
• with an integral and multidisciplinary business consulting services,
by our;
• independent position,
• background, knowledge and experience,
• concrete, pragmatic and result-oriented approach,
• reliable, obliging and involved method,

Sector of management and business consulting services
With our management services and business consulting, we provide exceptional skills, management power and business solutions for the following sectors;
• business to business (B2B)
• traditional industrial companies
• and technical and project-oriented enterprises in the (semi)-government
in particular, concerning the following branches;
• construction
• energy, telecom & utilities
• engineering
• finance & services
• food & beverage
• transport & logistics
• manufacturing
• oil, gas & mining
• real estate
• trade

Business solutions with corresponding roles and management services
Personal, remunerative and professional, we assist our clients in and if desired we will also gladly take the initiative. Consultdustry interim management & business consulting can be deployed and entrusted in various roles (with a different responsibility), such as to;
• analyse (research)
• audit (inspect)
• support (co-operate, assist)
• coach (guide)
• advice (consult)
• monitor (guard, restrain)
• coordinate (facilitate to lead/direct)
• manage (supervise)
In the business consulting services;
• interim management - ‘business problem solvers’
• temporary management - ‘expert job contractors’
• staffing and recruitment - ‘job matchmakers’
• counseling - ‘boardroom advisors’
• development - ‘change & improvement implementers’
• business transactions - ‘business developers, brokers & connectors’

Consultdustry Interim Management & Business Consulting is providing
• exceptional skills,
• management power &
• business solutions
• in cooperation with seasoned interim managers & consultants
• to the tech industry in ASEAN (& China)