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“Our Marketing Competencies List - We Use To Select/Recruit interim &Temporary Marketing Managers, Marketing Consultants & Your Permanent Marketing Professionals”

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What is marketing management?
The responsibility for directing the marketing activities for a company, product or product. Marketing efforts linked to marketing objective; concerning the description of what one is trying to achieve
• marketing activities, being divided into B2C (business to consumers) or B2B (business to business), such as marketing mix, campaigns and information provision according to priorities, budget, schedule, etc.
• the reference as intended target (to, for example, the SMART Goal Setting Formula) to evaluate objectives marketing objectives are the translation of company mission, vision, ambitions and objectives to the "how" to achieve; concretizing the business objectives. They clearly direct and set targeted targets to evaluate each of these objectives.

Difference between marketing, sales and business development.
Marketing primarily focuses on the market as a whole or segments, the associated image formation and laying the basis for sales.
Sales are aimed at the transaction, the acquisition of turnover with an intended profit margin, while maintaining customer contacts and making acquisitions.
To avoid further confusion, we consider business development a sales activity because it starts after determining the strategy. The marketing plan has already been drawn up and is revenue-driven. For this purpose, it also builds up direct contacts with potential customers and possibly enters into partner alliances to realize the goals.

Marketing management is preparing, organizing, controlling, and carrying out strategies, methods, and programs created to develop a considerable demand for the firm's products or services to generate sufficient revenue. The main duties of a marketing manager include:
• Identifying market opportunities and developing strategies to make such opportunities profitable.
• Preparing the marketing planning, decision-making activities for the board of directors.
• Developing a marketing strategy, marketing plan with the marketing mix.
An essential part of a marketing plan is determining the marketing mix, which elements that interact and focus are the objectives, the market, the target group and the competition. Previously, only four marketing mix instruments were used, but this has since developed into several instruments. The original mixing instruments (4P's) were; Product, Price, Place, Promotion. Nowadays, the original model has expanded with the following control elements; People, Peripheral clues, Packaging, Partners, Performance, Process, Physical evidence. Optimizing the marketing mix can be seen as the primary responsibility of the marketing function in a company.
• Implementation and control of the marketing concept and the periodic management reports.
On this, converting plans and actions whereby the effectiveness of the marketing mix and actions should be continuously evaluated, remedying shortcomings and directing the actual implementation of marketing plans, policies, procedures and campaigns.
• Leading (monitoring intended outcomes and allocating/managing budgets) for conducting and having customer research, marketing research and product development carried out.
• Issue assignments (objectives and budgets) regarding promotion and advertising campaigns integration and of the marketing concept company-wide and co-monitoring of customer focus
• Leading and organizing the marketing function, processes and the marketing department, including outsourcing.

Returning personal characteristics of marketing managers are;
• empathy and recognizing opportunities
• conceptual thinking and decisiveness
• connecting with persuasiveness
• creativity and effectiveness for delivering impact-making informative campaigns
• organizational talent and multidisciplinary knowledge, many projects and knowledge of many aspects
• be analytical and competitive

Marketing management services
We at Consultdustry do have extensive experience in marketing management. Marketing management services which we can indeed deploy to benefit our customers.
Although, before giving an overview of the various marketing competencies, we would like to provide an enumeration of our diversified marketing management services. Our marketing management services do include:
• Interim management:
C-suite for board members to determine objectives and responsible for operating results, counselling, formulating strategic plans, and direct and monitoring the company development and outcomes.
• Short-term practical operational management:
Manage marketing departments and sub-departments and business procedures as a marketing specialist, leading daily marketing operations and possibly implementing adjustments and changes to marketing processes and procedures. This kind of temporary functional management is also known as gap management, counterbalance the lack of qualified personnel (experience, skills and availability).
• Marketing management consulting:
Marketing consultants operate from an independent position to assist a company with continuity and further developments.
- business advice, such as marketing research, marketing optimization, marketing and advertising strategies, marketing procedures and assistive technologies or
- directing, developing and assisting in implementing marketing procedures and projects, including operational and policy changes.
• Recruitment and employment for marketing professionals
Retained, executive search, non-exclusive contingent recruitment and candidate search for shortlists.
- for permanent appointments and contract hires, such as
* marketing director (director of marketing) or marketing executive
* marketing manager

Depending on the hierarchy and position, complexity and span of control of a function, various other job names can be used, such as; supervisor, coordinator, assistant, planner, expert, consultant.
* Other marketing functions: dispatcher, dispatcher, customs assistant, import manager, import specialist, export manager, export
• Marketing managed services.
We provide marketing experience, expertise and competencies for companies as we are able to take over or support marketing departments and activities in whole or in part. If required, we are capable of setting up an alliance to collaborate with business partners formally. Outsourcing and transferring marketing tasks with obligations and liabilities recorded in an explicit service level agreement. Of course, are our fees according to a performance assessment framework and incredibly accomplished cost savings. As marketing professionals, we are valued by customer-oriented marketing procedures and succeed to operate with elevated effectiveness and efficiency. Besides the direct cost advantage, an added benefit is the fact that our marketing management services make it possible for you to focus on your customers and core business. Time savings for business focus make it able to convert into lasting returns.

In management consulting, temporary management & interim management, we provide seasoned,skilled marketing professionals, who do excel in marketing management and marketing management Consulting, with the following competencies;
• Core Expertise
• Marketing Management
• Method
• Online & Digital
• Publicity
• Research

Core Expertise
Consultdustry marketing management services temporary management
providing marketing managers & marketing management consultants - core expertise professionals
• Business Development
• CRM Systems
• Customer Service
• Distribution
• Marketing Dashboards
• Marketing Planning & Forecasting
• Outsource Marketing Services
• Product Design
• Supply Chain

Marketing Management
Consultdustry marketing management services temporary management
providing marketing managers & marketing management consultants - marketing management professionals
• Marketing Management General
• Brand Management
• Compass Model General
• Compass Model Channel
• Compass Model Circumstances
• Compass Model Commodity
• Compass Model Communication
• Compass Model Consumer
• Compass Model Corporation (organisation, competitor, stakeholder)
• Compass Model Cost
• Corporate Identity
• Databases & Lists
• Global Marketing
• Integrated Marketing Communications
• Market Segmentation & Targeting
• Marketing Campaign
• Marketing Mix General
• Marketing Mix Place or Distribution
• Marketing Mix Price General
• Marketing Mix Price Market Penetration Pricing
• Marketing Mix Price Market Skimming Pricing
• Marketing Mix Price Neutral Pricing   
• Marketing Mix Product or Service
• Marketing Mix Promotion
• Marketing Operations
• Marketing Strategy
• Marketing-driven Lead Generation
• Product Packaging
• People
• Physical Evidence
• Processes
• Product Marketing
• Product Positioning
• Productivity & Quality
• Segmentation
• Statistical Analysis

Marketing Method
Consultdustry marketing management services temporary management
providing marketing managers & marketing management consultants - marketing method professionals
• Account-Based Marketing
• Brand Engagement
• Brand Licensing
• Business 2 Business  Marketing
• Business 2 Consumer Marketing
• Co-marketing (collaborate marketing)
• Cross-marketing (exchange marketing channels)
• Direct Marketing
• Direct-response Marketing
• Dominance
• Franchise Marketing
• Loyalty Marketing
• Multi-level Marketing
• Personal Sales
• Premiums Prizes
• Retail
• Sales Promotion
• Sampling
• Telemarketing

Online & Digital
Consultdustry marketing management services temporary management
providing marketing managers & marketing management consultants - online & digital professionals
• Online & Digital General
• Digital Marketing
• E-mail Marketing
• Internet Marketing
• Online Presence
• Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
• Social Marketing
• Web Analytics

Consultdustry marketing management services temporary management
providing marketing managers & marketing management consultants - publicity professionals
• Publicity General
• Advertising
• Broadcasting
• Free Publicity
• Newsletters
• Press Release
• Publishing
• Trade Shows And Events

Consultdustry marketing management services temporary management
providing marketing managers & marketing management consultants - research professionals
• Research General
• Advertising Research     
• Brainstorming Research
• Customer Research     
• Customer Satisfaction     
• Food/Sensory Research (Taste Tests)     
• Interviewing
• Legal Research     
• Lifecycle/Lifestyle Research     
• Market Studies
• Marketing Research
• Mystery Shopping
• Online Research
• Package Research
• Panels
• Polling
• Product Research
• Promotion Research