network activities


"our network; we collaborate to offer the most suitable and total solutions - a fundamental requirement for best sustainable results"

We - at Consultdusty and our affiliated activities - qualify ourselves as a precursor of today's "gig economy" as we collaborate with top-level global & ASEAN self-employed managers/consultants and small business owners.

To ensure a rewarding assignment execution - as we do guarantee, in our segment and consulting services - you should - never ever - not provide inexperienced consultants and/or standard repertoire solutions, but should strive for excellence; distinctive by using top-level, unique/specific knowledge and experience.

We are a business consulting intermediary/agency, we do "match" and take final accountability, and therefore we supervise the execution of all assignments and only engage collaborations with associates/affiliates that can make a difference through their approach and added value!

We realise results through the cooperation and commitment of our associates/affiliates and extensive network as we believe in the perfect assignment fit, which will be a combination of;  
• expertise,
• method,
• personality,
• attitude/mindset,
• personal affiliation,
• non-conflicting interests,
• reliability and
• engagement.

After all, assignments results do start at the appointing of a proven professional(s), and therefore we for sure avoid those who have the mentality of "we can do that too".

Our principle and goal are “appointing the most suitable person (or team) for an assignment as that as a guarantee to deliver the best outcome as desired by a customer.”
Therefore in principle, all our collaborations and partnerships are based on the previously mentioned business model "management associates."

The base of Consultdustry Interim Management & Business Consulting is structured and also well-established by 5 various other professional service ventures. Each of those, do provide similar consulting services and solutions but have deviating clients and purposes. Nevertheless the overall gives an infinite added value to our business, each of the professional service ventures, our network and associates along with the capability to offer these services and solutions we to our clients.

Our network - professional service ventures
• Consultdustry Interim Management & Business Consulting
- Serving ASEAN Tech Industry; providing exceptional skills, management power, business solutions and connections
- Our main business in ASEAN, offering high-level and consequently occasional, executive interim and supportive business consulting services & solutions to major ASEAN companies in the industry-engineering-tech sector

• Asia Market Experts (AME)
- Local Eastern, Western, South-Eastern Asia business intelligence & business development; build & grow Asian business by hiring local expert intelligence
- Concentrates on small/medium sized project assignments, practical local and sector expertise, business development services and intelligence solutions to start-ups, investors and international financial institutions in Asia

• ASEAN/Thailand Business Platform (TBP)
- Meeting place for enterprising native ASEAN/Thai and expatriates, a business gateway for all business initiatives and all - small to large - entities
- Agency in organising, connecting and mediating for distinctive local business events, skills training (given by associated independent consultants), recommended business support services and start-up/SME business coaching (by associated independent mentors)
- A collective entrepreneurial spirit to promote like-minded consultants, and it also enhances our business consulting portfolio with local business services by associates, convenient and accessible and brings, therefore, our business solutions known to a larger group of companies and individuals

• Asia Investment Services (AIS)
- Independent financial-strategic advice and solutions, for value increase of business investments and business financing in East, South and Southeast Asia
- Contribute to a prosperous and robust entrepreneurial, financing and investment climate for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in B2B industry / technical sector; such as manufacturing, construction, energy, logistics and trade

• Global Business Development (GBDA)
- Guarantees the worldwide cooperation, mutual obligation with trusted individual expert consultants and professionals, an international coverage with local representation and supervision for assignments, lead generation, references, local understanding, expertise exchange and outsourcing assignments.
- GBDA is a network organisation which facilitates and contributes typical business development consulting services - build and expand local & aboard business - such as; local sales representatives, sourcing, commissioning  contract management, market research, feasibility studies,  market entry, business setup, M&A mergers  acquisitions, partnerships selecting, funding & investment brokerage, business planning, finance, tax and legal consulting

• Global HRM Alliance (GHRMA)
- Similar initiative as GBDA, a worldwide cooperation but typical focused on HRM - human resources management services
- GBDA, a network organisation which facilitates and contributes HRM services, such as; recruitment, executive search, contract hire, HR on demand / consulting, interim HR, coaching, outplacement, payroll services, onboarding, compensation & benefits