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“Member Network To Encourage And Support Local / ASEAN Business”

ASEAN / Thailand Business Platform ABP / TBP website
In cooperation with affiliates, ASEAN / Thailand Business Platform is, an accessible – for both members and non-members – a business-oriented meeting place for both ASEAN / Thai natives and expatriates to facilitate and organise ASEAN & Thai business in development and networking.
Our belief
• fulfill the need and to create added value of a member business platform by bringing together business of natives and expatriates and by sharing knowledge and services.
Our goal
• to encourage and support business in ASEAN and Thailand, in a flexible, prompt and cost effective way.
ASEAN / Thailand Business Platform stands for
• connect, organize and mediate to encourage business in Thailand,
• a meeting place for both, enterprising native Thai and expatiates,
• a practical and powerful business gateway for all business initiatives and entities; individuals, start-ups, small medium enterprises (SMEs), midsize businesses, large (and stock-exchange listed) enterprises and multi-national companies (MNCs),
• entrepreneurs, c-level, senior and middle management of ASEAN / Thailand are invited to participate and to make use of our unique business services
• in which we have a focus on networking, business ideas & concepts, exchange of expertise and business capital.
ASEAN & Thailand Business Platform services
Our Thailand business services connects by, mediates in and organise
professional networking, exchange of ideas and expertise at business events, in 4-5 star hotels, offices, co-working spaces and company locations, we organize speeches, meet greet & connect, speed networking, company visits, briefings, sessions & debates and other special events
offering several open registration as well tailor made training courses, in collaboration with associated qualified, experienced consultants / trainers, with emphasis on hard (professional) skills – in our program; communications, finance & tax, HRM, operations & management, marketing & sales, professional skills and more.
business support (services)
mediating and offering multiple quality options for outsourcing of expert business services, selected, high-quality, reliable business partners for an attractive price – providing services such as; accounting, legal, consulting, visas, logistics, market research, brokers, access to capital, office rentals, recruitment and more.
incubator class
assisting in management and development of promising start-ups and expanding businesses, minimize risk by adding an experienced business coach (mentor) to advice and supervise and use our incubator services, such as; coaching, training, business plan drafting, advisory board, access to capital, market research and partnership development.
ABC member card
by your member card we indirect partner with firms that offer our members instant saving, obtaining non-committal options for exclusive, discounts / reduced pricing offers of selected ASEAN providers of quality products and services – all those fresh attractive deals can be find on – ABC* AseanBenefitCard website – convenient and save money, especially if you are planning trips or are on the road.
member community
a member online community, we offer a virtual meeting place, including a member profile and directory for common and specific business interests of working and living in ASEAN countries, members are able to post and exchange information, get and give advice and above all; develop long lasting and productive partnerships.

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