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“750 Local (!) Asia Experts To Increase Insights & Commercial Power”

Asia Market Experts AME website
Asia Market Experts is matching local experts / consultants and is supervising Eastern, Southern and South-eastern Asia intelligence and business development services projects.
Our belief
• in market entry and expansion (foreign) companies are in need of small-scale and practical market exploration, market/business insights and commercial support; in general are this small to medium assignments/contracts; for a few days, a few days for a few weeks or part time for a longer period of time up to about 6 months.
Our goal
• being Asia best – quality top level – service provider in linking independent enterprising top tier local Asia business development and business intelligence experts / consultants to respectable customers.
Asia Market Experts stands for
• offering Asia local market insights, financial, legal, tax & technical information / advice and professional interim support
• promising and delivering our customers a flexible, cost efficient support to address business challenges
Asia Market Experts local Asia intelligence and business development services
• regional focus & expertise
– Eastern, Southern and South-eastern Asia business
• expertise
– market insights,
– financial, legal, tax & technical information & advice
– professional interim support
• methods
– surveys, studies and reports
– consultations (spoken)
– meet, present on-site
– operational on-site, temporary positions
Asia Market Experts local expert services
research & (pre)-select
market surveys, channel(s) & distributor(s), outsourcing & sourcing, partnerships, mergers & acquisitions, capital funds & investors, sourcing executives & staff, business location(s), investment research
analyse & plan
feasibility studies, market research, market analysis, competitive analysis, new market entry, strategic business planning, strategic scenarios & prognoses, financial modelling & valuation, emerging market & investments
advise & inquire
business setup & registration, finance & accounting, legal & business regulations, tax regulations, assets & investment, manufacturing, employment regulations
support & execute
local sales representatives, purchase & contract management, commissioning (QC) & expediting, logistics & freight forwarding, project & product engineering, non-executive counsellors, interim executives.

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