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Network Activity Global Business Development Alliance

“Global Network; Global Reach, Representation, Share Knowledge & Joined BD Projects”

Global Business Development Alliance GBDA website
Facilitates and contributes business development consulting services and in this GBDA is a global association / alliance of local independent individual business development consultants and small boutique business development consulting companies; all selected, top level associates with a proven record, experts in building long-lasting value for a company from clients, markets and partnerships.
►Our goal
Assisting potential clients with selection, contracting and execution of business development assignments and at the same time offering associate members the benefits a network and of which normally are reserved for larger consulting firms.; lead generation and referrals, global coverage, instant sharing their years of expertise in relevant discipline and industry, sharing and complementary services of specialists and mobilizing teams.
►Global Business Development Alliance stands for
• a collaboration of preselected top-level seasoned consultants managers, an alliance that adds value to their associate members while retaining member’s own identity and culture.
– lead generation and referrals
– global coverage local representation
– instant sharing their years of expertise in relevant discipline and industry
– sharing and complementary services of specialists
– mobilizing teams for larger projects
– better and additional BD services & knowledge (sharing)
– project collaboration & outsourcing
– on-site promotion & publicity
– profiling & reputation
– client guarantee extension services
– decisive entrepreneur
– very modest membership fee
►Services direct on site – GBDA organisation
• directory to find, select and direct contact (s)elected top level local Business Development experts,
• business development classifieds, such as business acquisitions, loans, venture capital and / or partnerships,
• proposals, quoting requests for services / projects.
►Services optional – GBDA organisation
• supervision of large projects
• mobilizing (global and local) project teams
• escrow service intermediary services
• dispute mediator
►Services Associates – GBDA members
• local sales representatives
• business setup & registration consulting
• outsourcing & sourcing (pre)-selecting
• market research & feasibility studies
• market entry plan
• marketing & branding
• portfolio & pricing
• purchase & contact management
• business & market planning
• commissioning & expediting management
• financial modelling & valuations
• logistics & freight forwarding management
• partnerships (pre)-selecting
• interim executive management
• mergers & acquisitions intermediary
• distribution / manufacturer agencies
• capital Funds & investment brokerage
• finance & tax consulting
• legal consulting
• regulatory compliance
• process design
• asset inventory & facility management

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