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“Interim Manager: Proven Assignments, Attitude, Characteristics & Affinity”

Interim manager profile - attitude
Interim managers do have a particular profile and attitude;
• a proven track record (not a next career step),
• have professionally have chosen for and made a focus on their “interim management” services – a balance between specialist and generalist,
• do have an authentic identity, empathetic appearance based on a positive meaning, subservient as a mission,
• are usually overqualified for the job and recognised this as a determining condition,
• are selective in accepting assignments, as they will only accept those projects that meet their requirements and favourable assessment of success (as this determines their track record).

Interim manager profile - characteristics
In addition to the profile, interim managers do have some unique characteristics, they;
• will primarily serve the organisation’s interests and results, the project challenge is their interest (not their personal financial gain, also proportionately no exorbitant fees are paid!),
• are real entrepreneurs, do like to operate as pioneers but have an extraordinary experience,
• are people-managers able to mobilise, connect, activate and encourage a team(s) and organisation, and are present at all levels,
• do have unbridled enthusiasm and energy to succeed in interim assignments (interim is not a regular job!),
• adequately operate in different roles (of leadership), sincerely and not threatening,
• are precisely explicit in their acting and communication,
• have strategic insight and an operational (hands-on) management style, and will take proactive responsibility,
• are able to recognise complicated matters quickly
• and come up with problem-solving approaches,
• are stress resistant, independent leaders,
• ensure optimum project performance – also concerning project tempo, conservation, other stakeholder’s interests and make themselves as soon as possible redundant.

Interim manager profile - industry affinity
All in all, not an easy case. It also asks for a rare combination of profile, attitude and characteristics to be considered and be appointed as an interim manager. The essence of the appointment of an interim manager is affinity. Often substantive expertise is already widely available within the departments or the management of an organisation. In interim management aims to focus and exploited the available expertise, connecting specialists, to mobilise and activate people to achieve goals together. To establish such change management processes and bring those to a successful conclusion, are often the ultimate intention of a client. And thus also the primary task of an interim manager.

Interim manager profile - experience in similar circumstances
Affinity is a determining factor, often the given time or urgency is another limiting factor. The range of interim management contracts ranges from the serene in harmony preliminary activities for a start-up company or an intended policy change to under time pressure crisis assignments where the continuity of the company is not guaranteed and everything in between. It is evident that the situation is immense extent decisive for the choice of a particular interim manager.

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