Project Management Professionals & Project Teams


“Providing Project Managers, Experts & Teams”

Projects and project management are by definition in their nature temporary, and clients may reply on Consultdustry for adequate temporary staffing in projects and project management. In addition, we provide managers and staff for program management and process management:  project manager, program manager, process manager and additional professional staff.

We prevent our clients the “classic dilemma” of high permanent personnel costs in maintaining a project workforce while notwithstanding the need for capacity and specific knowledge, which will never be appropriate. The solution is available and within reach; Consultdustry flexible staffing; hiring temporary project management and project teams through Consultdustry.

This concerns not only a project manager, as we also can provide on interim basis complete project teams, consisting of all the critical project management positions or (combined) functions, such as;
• project management
• planning and control
• quality, commissioning, health – safety & environment (HSE)
• procurement and contract management
• construction and site management
• program management
• process management
• project support

A project approach is absolutely necessary to manage a complex (project) environment. In this, a project is defined as a set of activities – that by deploying a temporary team – has to lead to a pre-set goal or outcome. In project management, all efforts are organised to reach, within the given resources, in the most effective and efficient method that goal. The challenge is to excel – no risk, no overruns, all in control.

Project management (in combination with program management and/or process management) is particularly useful in situations:
• of significant business importance – project management and administration gives more direct control,
• for efficiently managing a processed completion – with a determined beginning and end,
• which do not occur daily – activities that are new for the involved persons,
• do disturb and do not fit into the regular daily operations and/or require heaps of resources,
• require cooperation of employees from different disciplines and organisations (multidisciplinary teams),
• are too complex, and many diverse aspects are costly regarding finance, risk factors and/or human resource management,

Consultdustry and associated project managers/project teams – all professionals as a project manager, program manager and/or process manager – have the knowledge and experience, to transfer complex issues to clear and defined projects, for to deliver tangible results in a transparent hands-on management style;
• phase: sub-plans for to end up as an entire goal, specifying concrete deliverables.
• decide: to assess the results of objectives, requirements, constraints and conditions – and the decisions to be made.
• manage; time schedules, financial budgets, staff and other resources, quality, information, communication, organisation, risk.
• project work: think first, then act – planned phases and argue backwards of the intended results – from crude to pinpoint details – and with particular attention to the critical path and risk mitigation.

Some critical questions in initiating and planning a project for the project manager are;
• what is the project, how to organise and who is the sponsor?
• what should precisely (!) be the end result(s)?
• who takes, when and what kind of decisions?
• how can multidisciplinary collaboration be successful?
• how much time, budget and unique resources may be invested?
• how to mitigate risk?
• what is the time schedule?

In general, projects are directly considered with industrial companies, but in our business consulting services, projects can also be an implementation, improvement, investment and/or a building project. Consequently, project management can be applied in a broader context and in this Consultdustry provides experienced project managers and project professionals for;
• construction and capex financial investments (assets) projects
— industrial plants, petro-chemical plants and energy generation
— real estate, utility construction
— infrastructure, roads, tunnels, railway, civil engineering
— grids, cables and pipelines
— manufacturing, machinery & equipment
• business improvement and change management projects
• research studies and innovative projects (product development, R&D)
• political and administrative projects (government, administration, interest groups)

Project management is often, in the same sentence, referred to program management and process management, mainly because they can be a significant discipline in projects. Nevertheless, programma management and process management can be task-based and supportive to project management but have a different purpose and mission.
• Program Management
A program manager for a defined time, the performance management in a coordinated manner to obtain benefits and control of a whole range of diverse activities and projects with associated sub-objectives which have a conjunction, to lead to pre-defined goals. Program management has to manage the overall risk minimisation and cost optimisation in such a way that conflicts and sub-optimisation will be avoided.
• Process Management
A process manager is performing a set of interrelated or interacting activities, involving actors with different interests are brought together with the goal of achieving an (often abstract) team-wise specific organisational goal. Process management is a systematic approach to make an organisation’s workflow more effective, more efficient and more capable of adapting to an ever-changing environment. A goal of process management is to reduce human error and miscommunication and focus stakeholders on the requirements. Driven by a policy-making approach to develop processes as an essential business asset; for distinctiveness, value-added products and services to clients and the impact on costs and (long-term) revenue generation.

Consultdustry also provides temporary managers and independent professionals, in combination with project management or as stand-alone assignments, who have the specific experience in process management and program management.

Our temporary project managers, project professionals, project managers and process managers do have a proven record, minimum 15 years working experience in the “Tech Industry” and will develop and improve clients’ business by practical and proven solutions.