Reasons To Hire Interim Managers Through Us


 “Our Interim Management Agency Added Value & Dangers Of a Direct Appointment”

Customers and independent interim managers are often not fully aware of or misjudge the role of the interim management intermediary. Possibly due to bad experiences or a poorly limited service provision in the past.

As Consultdustry Interim Management may have a different approach, we have made a summary of the added value of an interim management intermediary compare to direct hiring.

First of all, we admire companies who do hiring interim management. There is a lot of courage and willingness necessary for a customer who has decided to appoint an interim manager.
To name a few; critical business analysis and self-reflection, the unconditional acceptance of those outcomes and to realise the need for an interim expert.
And then; knowing that a large part of the powers should be awarded to an outsider; the interim manager. But at the same time consistently assert that this reversal is absolutely necessary, is understandably a heavy burden to subordinate yourself to the more vital importance; change and improve the business. In interim management; the most crucial role for a customer will be to support the interim management assignment fully.

So let us start to list the reason to hire interim managers through an interim management agency like we are.
Consultdustry Interim Management
• provide (potential) customers pro bone advice as interim management may not always be the best solution and we may be able to offer a different service or may refer to other business service provider
• help and support the customer; we are a counsellor in a hectic period for a company, and it's decision makers when they evaluate and choose for interim management, the period of interim management and afterwards
• has limited our interim management services to a few industry sectors, only by this we can deliver first class service as we need to understand customer industry
• do have the opinion that the interim management agency role goes beyond just the placement of interim managers
• try to prevent the customers’ pitfall direct hiring acquaintances, interim managers from their personal network do have major disadvantages
- not neutral or not objective; already entered with a business political viewpoint, most likely not the best match that could be made on experience and expertise and no one guiding and supervising the interim project (motive is coming from friendship and [later expensive] cost shaving)
• believes that independent interim manager can not objectively acquire interim management assignments themselves or be hired directly
- it is nearly impossible to confront customer’s with their business problem, and if there is a need, they rarely have the right skill set, and there is no warranty, no guiding and supervising of the interim management assignment
• will, in consultation with the customer, agree to upfront a transparent process with customer expectations, an explicit interim profile, time planning and objectives
• presents only screened and selected candidate interim managers, that is an interim management agency competence
- we do not do as other interim agencies will do; present unknown and several resumes (Only if customer unclear about the profile we will offer a few candidates but will also inform the candidates about this)
• match the right executive to the interim management assignment
- the basis for success is an overqualified expert with a proven track record - not an “I can do” individual want to be an interim manager
• impose contractual (legal) obligations, terms and conditions carefully on all parties
- to avoid legal and tax problems afterwards
• inflict a planned, systematic approach to a master plan of the interim assignment, which will have regularly updated versions, and vouch for a periodic report and consultations
- ever an agreement on the method
• are the guardian of the procedures and the goals, do have an active role as a mentor/supervisor to guide customer and the interim manager and to avoid conflicts
• will protect the interim manager against and, if necessary, get in direct contact with stakeholders so the interim manager can focus effectively and efficiently on the assignment
• are able to bring in additional (particular) expertise and support when it is needed
• ensure the correct transferal and follow-up of the implemented policy
- required to be involved in selecting of the successor of the interim manager
• are a warrant for both the customer and independent interim manager  
• charge a very acceptable fee which is proportional to the value of our interim management agency services