Retained Executive Recruitment


“Retained Executive Recruitment For Exclusively Finding And Hiring The Best Candidates”

Retained Executive Recruitment is also known as headhunting, executive search or simply retained recruiting. It is top level management retained recruitment, with a pre-paid or contracted service to locate a candidate for a specific position at a client company. In retained recruitment/headhunting a pre-paid fee is payable whether or not a hire is made.

Normally this Executive Search method is recommended when
• to attract top level or senior management for positions that are critical to the organisation
• when confidentiality of clients and candidates is important,
• when quality is more important than quantity and speed,
• when a history of career stability and reputation is required,
• when professional assistance in a recruiting process is required.

We understand that accountability and transparent command execution are most important in Retained Executive Recruitment.
Therefore in executive search/executive recruitment, we as Consultdustry
• are open about the restrictions imposed on us by previous contracts,
– as previously employed candidates cannot be accessed
• give a schedule with milestones and a progress report will be made every 2 weeks,
– keeping you as a client informed about our working method, progression and insight into the expected final results
• have a clause for premature contract termination,
– so that one is not connected to the full contract amount.

Retained Executive Recruitment is the best option for particular hiring needs and with service ordering a client get
• a committed, exclusive relationship,
• discrete and confidentiality,
• public perception,
• simple contract termination,
• knowledge and experience,
– process credibility, time, reference checking, law, objectivity – fairly assessment, salary and benefit, active network etc.
• market survey information,
• a professionals guiding through the process and negotiating on your behalf,
• increase success in approaching and recruiting top executives.

Despite the benefits of Retained Executive Recruitment, there are some drawbacks, which we do not want to leave unmentioned;
• upfront retainer,
– the price of exclusivity and partial payment of the proceeding costs
• in general higher fees,
• risk as there’s no guarantee of a hire,
• focus diminishes over time as there is a prepaid fee,
• work, overloaded search consultants risks, are that they go for quick wins instead of long-term of quality,
• as always: strongly depend on the personal skills and attitude of the search consultant,
• restrictions imposed by earlier agreements and positions.

As in all recruitment assignments also in headhunting/executive search executive recruitment: Consultdustry is continuously driven to be successful, utterly aware of the effect as well as possible consequences of regrettable recruitment (to both customers and also candidates!).
Our passion is to match people - skilled candidates and businesses - such that they collectively attain their full potential.