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Candidates, you do not have to wait till we have posted a staffing and recruitment, executive search or interim management vacancy on our job board to start contacting us. That being said, we hope your open application activates us to invest time to evaluate your potential capability.

Please “Send Resume” & “Apply Now” ONLY
• if you have relevant industry experience that matches our target business of staffing and recruitment, executive search, interim management in Tech Industry in ASEAN
And please “Send Resume” & “Apply Now” WITH
• a resume of maximum 5 pages
• add in resume a distinguish profile to point out particular elements, preferably use keywords
• submit a cover letter with a clear intention and objective
• take the time to categorise your profile data – so your date is then easier to find and will be more accessible to approach you!
By register and send resume, you grant us permission to select and contact you for contract and job opportunities.

How it works
By “Send Resume” and “Apply Now” you first have to register by your email as a candidate in our database
• after sending “Send Resume” or “Apply Now” (on Vacancies page) you will receive a confirmation and your login URL
• the “Candidate Login” feature allows candidates to create an account and to save or edit personal information in “My Profile.”
• an account can be deleted, and all the data will be removed
• there is also a summary of the account application history in “My Jobs.”
• and with an account, all future applications are simplified

Other Features of  Consultdustry Recruitment System
• Publish Candidate Profile
A unique option, a non-committal offer, the privilege of candidates to promote and present themselves to potential principals and employers, by a short (anonymous) profile listing on this site.
• Job Openings (Vacancies)
Showcase of some (!usually there is a lack of time to start a procedure!) contract and job openings of Consultdusctry on this website. Uncommon is that we list staffing and recruitment, executive search and (some) interim management, temporary management and consultancy jobs. Candidates can then create an account and apply to multiple job postings.
• Customised Categories Profiles
We utilise a custom function and categories module for accurate selection. We are aware that it will take some time for candidates to present their profile information in such a way. An investment that we consider necessary for an adequately comfortable follow-up from our side.
• Resumes Parsing
Parse resumes and (address) details directly and convenient into in our candidate – management associates and recruitment – database.