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• Expert Job Contractors

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Content - Temporary Management Services
providing temporary professionals - temporary managers & temporary consultants

• temporary management services - Consultdustry provide temporary management professionals
- highly, specific skilled managers and senior staff, quickly deployable for a momentary need

• temporary management concept
- for replacing, strengthening and to a lesser extent about change
- independent professional managers for positions on the 2nd and 3rd management level
- rapid and effective deployment of senior management professionals
- leader expertise, professional skills and industry experience
- with a defined mission and outcome,
- responsible for the operations (department/unit and/or project),
- challenging jobs/activities
- and who can act on an operational, tactical and strategic level

• temporary management expertise
- profession driven
- leadership expertise, management and professional skills
- specific highly specialised professional, product-market and/or industry experience

• 4 types of temporary management jobs
- projects, expertise, capacity and substitute temporary management

• selecting temporary managers
- preferably an upfront personal meeting
- intake temporary management checklist (13 points)
- a typical profile of a temporary management professional / temporary manager (preselection file, without customer requirements)

• success factors in temporary management jobs
- adapting leadership style, situational management style
- assignment fit and co-operation
- assignment guidance and supervision
--- to guarantee end result and to coordinate desired cooperation (customer satisfaction)

• our focus - temporary management services
- all professional disciplines / 2nd and 3rd management level jobs/positions
- area of services: ASEAN countries & China
- sector of services: B2B, engineering / industrial sector

In need of a temporary independent manager?


Image: Temporary management: ratio in tasks and time activities in professional operational management including professional implementation and minor change activities (compare to executive interim management)

Temporary management services

Senior temporary management;
• in a cause of momentary need of highly, specific skilled manager(s)
• for projects, additional expertise, expansion of capacity or as a substitute
• to lead departments and key initiatives,
• to improve and implement programs,
• to manage complex projects or
• to fill business-critical roles.
Note: temporary management is also often named as functional or project interim management.
Read here the difference between interim management executives and temporary management professionals / managers

Temporary management concept 

Temporary management is about temporary hiring for replacing, strengthening and to a lesser extent about change, independent professional managers for positions on the 2nd and 3rd management level. In this temporary management services clients ask us regularly for;
• rapid and effective deployment of senior management professionals,
• in (temporary) management professionals positions with a defined mission and outcome,
• which therefore they bear responsibility for the operations of a particular organisational unit and/or project,
• by default, this are challenging jobs and activities with a higher than average risk of failure,
• and therefore must be carried out by an expert professional that has a mix of thinking and decisiveness,
• which can act and connect on an operational, tactical and strategic level,
• which are experienced, firm and authentic managers,
• with resilience as they also have to be enterprising, energetic and flexible,
• and have to adjust to the needs and fit within the organisation of the client,
• and makes themselves subordinate to the goal of delivering results.

Leader expertise, professional skills and industry experience

The basis for temporary management is always specific professional, product-market or industry sector highly specialised expertise. In other words; leader expertise, skills and experience.
In this Consultdustry provides associated management professionals for medium and long-term assignments at senior management level
• for the implementation of departmental changes and improvements,
• for to fill-in or expanding capacity and/or
• to get access to specific knowledge.

4 Types of temporary management

Temporary management types of assignments;
• project temporary management
- (defined) implementations of strategies, processes, systems and setting up/organisation of departments, (medium sized) investments, Engineering/Procurement/Contract (sub) projects, innovations, product and market development, (support of) changes in business models, operations, resources (skills & culture)
• expertise temporary management
- attract unique knowledge, overcome the shortage and scarcity, and transfer skills to the organisation (training/development)
• capacity temporary management
- flexibilization, increasing demand, seasonal influence and improve performance
• substitute temporary management
- regarding the absence and/or sudden departure (like; illness, suspension, dismissal) of staff on key positions

How to select a temporary manager

As said, Consultdustry is regularly asked to propose a temporary independent manager. However, almost as often, it appears that we hardly receive any instructions with which this temporary manager complies and what his/her specific task would be. What may for a company a specified request with possibly a supplemented job description may less clear to outsiders and even raise a large number of questions. It also happens that a profile is so extensive and has been amplified with a multitude of all kinds of tasks and requirements that the priorities are hidden and need to a temporarily appoint an untraceable multifunctional topper.

We would, therefore, like to have an upfront personal conversation, preferably with the future direct manager, to further fine-tune the profile, the assignment and the expectations. Let us prevent unnecessary loss of time by experimentally determining the criteria in the candidate interviews. Moreover, in such method objectivity is lost and empathy, the feeling reflection of pleasant, tends to prevail. Mutual trust and mutual appreciation are of course important, but let's base this on predetermined (verifiable and measurable) criteria, so that a selection can be substantiated with arguments.
In such a meeting, we would like to discuss the following issues to arrive at a suitable search profile for the temporary management jobs.

image: timeline / phases for the appointment of a temporary manager/expert

• intake at the client. Note: The intake with the assignment definition and candidate profile is explained in more detail below, so that a possible intake can be effectively prepared
• assignment definition
• resumes short list of candidates
• selection of the temporary manager/expert
• assignment contract
• introduction & preliminary findings (duration 2 weeks), if in practise deviations are found, this could result in redefining the assignment
• execution, duration is normally 3 to 18 months, coordination and customer meetings will be further specified, any interim termination of the assignment is subject to contact conditions
• transfer & Termination: 2 weeks, (if required) on demand support by former temporary manager/expert

Intake checklist - temporary management jobs / assignment & temporary manager profile

An client intake of temporary management consists of the following 13 points to be discussed;
• nature of the temporary management assignment,
- which of the 4 temporary management types (or combination), the cause, history, duration, intended fee and costs
• result area
- an indication of to what and how the execution of the assignment should primarily lead to, the desired end result and the method
• knowledge and experience profile of candidate
- specialist or to a certain extent a generalist, professional knowledge / hard skills, positions, sector and similar sectors experience, employment history, education and training etc.
• personality and soft skills profile
- social skills, communication skills and personal habits
• managerial position or not and if so, the intended management style
- determining the desired situational management style
• change management and/or project management needs
- does the assignment contain these elements and if so, to what extent?
• strategy & business policy
- potential problem areas, companies’ ambitions, corporate culture
• corporate organisation
- position and powers, sponsor/direct director to report to, possible support, internal consultation structure and mandatory reports
• department organisation of temporary position
- analysis of strengths and weaknesses, key persons, development, culture, internal consultation structure and mandatory reports
• relationships
- internal and external, hat are relevant and have to build or maintain
• potential pitfalls and issues
- that could complicate assignment, share these information
• temporary management assignment periodic evaluation and reports
- desired/necessary and in which frequency?
• temporary management follow-up procedure from selection to a possible appointment

Profile of independent temporary manager

In brief and partly mentioned above, the characteristic of the profile of a temporary interim manager must at least meet the following aspects;
• experience and positions completed jobs an temporary independent manager
• professional skills and industry experience
• takes ownership for the intended assignment result
• puts the needs of the organisation and client first (serves, knows no and obliterates self-interest)
• has adaptability and flexibility
• the management style and pace will be correctly in line with the relevant assignment situation,
• can lead, influence and know how to motivate
• has excellent and effective communication skills
• possesses the ability to form relationships quickly
• has diplomacy and emotional intelligence

Leadership style is a main success factor in temporary management jobs

We suppose that the management style is a crucial criterion in our pre-selections of temporary managers / management professionals. Does he or she have sufficient adaptability and does his / her personality profile fit with the request of a (potential) customer who will link this with the corporate culture and management style. This is the dimension that must match the temporary management job profile as drawn up in consultation with the client in the pre-selection phase.

To quantify this condition, we use the situational leadership model that has 4 basic styles of leadership. The model states that the most effective leadership style depends on the level of development of the group that is led. The level of development of the group (or department) determines the characteristic of the manager's degree of task orientation and personal orientation. In the situational management approaches, the conduct of the manager is linked to the observable behaviour of the department/group and the individual employee. The manager must adjust his leadership style for each situation.

Within situational leadership, situational control is an important concept. It refers to the extent to which managers can influence the behaviour of their employees. By observing the actions of the employees, and by adapting their conduct (on a group and individual basis), it is possible for a leader to predict with great certainty the result of his instructions and interventions.

Image: Situational management style - adapting to the situation of leadership styles in temporary management

Fit and co-operation - the success factors in temporary management jobs

These success factors of temporary management are
• quality temporary independent manager
- objective match, attitude and work method of the hired temporary manager
• managing customer expectations
- sponsor support, open communication, explicit decisions clear agreements, measurable, achievable results
• control of quality and scope of work
- risks are changes and ambitious extension of an assignment, pushing through own interests and/or preferences
• overcome resistance and internal politics
- understand cause and impact, avoid internal politics, make optimal use of soft skills to win people as enforcing and bully behaviour will be counterproductive

In principle, the execution of the assignment mainly concerns the fit and the mutual cooperation between the client and the temporary manager and staff and other stakeholders with the independent, temporary manager. The distinguishable sub-elements are therefore
• environment cultural & organisation
• employees competence & commitment
• temporary manager / leader behaviour & competences
• temporary manager / leader expertise; skills & experience
Four sub-elements which together, through a perfect coordination and job execution, must lead to the desired result.
Progress and these sub-elements will be repeatedly discussed and evaluated with the client during the assignment guidance and supervision. Due to the feedback of the customer, we are not only able to guarantee the intended end result, but also to perfect the desired working method and tune the execution to customer wishes.

Image: Temporary manager effectiveness: the determining factor is matching the circumstances

Temporary management jobs & professional disciplines

We are able to make an added value match in the sector B2B engineering/industrial sector, for almost all functions.
Based on the assignment result areas, desired management method, Consultdustry can provide suitable, experienced temporary managers in the following professional disciplines;
• general management
• projects
• finance
• human resources
• logistics / supply chain
• manufacturing
• purchase/sourcing
• engineering
• commercial
• legal
• marketing
• communication/PR








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Area of temporary management services

Consultdustry provides and supervise temporary management and temporary management positions / temporary management assignments in
• ASEAN countries; Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia,  Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and
• China including Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan