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''Sourcing Professionals For Competent Asia Procurement Services And Shipping Worldwide''

Consultdustry offers sourcing agent services in ASEAN, assisting overseas companies with the purchase process of locating and selecting suppliers of raw materials, manufactures of components / semi-finished products and finished products.

We are NOT a distributor, who purchases only standard, “off the shelves” products as a wholesaler, and sell those products at a marked-up price. As a sourcing agent, we are a commission based contractor for the whole or part of the local purchasing processes, the advice in this, including the supervision, product acceptance and shipping with the associated engineering, purchasing project and contract management.

Consultdustry source needed products according to required specifications, assess, negotiate a number of qualified suppliers and/or manufacturers, with knowledge of the local market, sectors and applicable conditions and practices. Consultdustry sourcing agents are experienced consultants for searching, selecting and guiding the perfect purchasing deals at attractive total costs and minimise risks.

We are your international procurement office abroad, to gain competitive advantages by purchasing raw materials, components and finished products from low-cost ASEAN Countries: Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Viet Nam.

A sourcing plan before our sourcing agents do start
Our working method begins with a paid sourcing plan to create clarity and to prevent adverse surprises afterwards! We offer a paid consultation, and with this we deliver:
- a task description (description of requested services),
- a market scan,
- a project planning with milestones for decisions
- a feasibility, conditions and advise
- a quotation for our sourcing services
When we enter into a contractual obligation with a purchasing customer, Consultdustry sourcing agents will excel in communication and project management and continuously will inform the client about the activities and progress we make.
We approach assignments as a mutual obligation between customer and us, and not as a non-commitment agreement like several of our colleagues do work. Unfortunately, many sourcing agencies policies are based on a no-cure/no pay, a quick commission trade; just quick selections and choices, mediating a limited number of existing supplier relationships. They will invest only a limited time in assignments or will not execute if a project will not fit their “quick wins” concept.
As a reliable business consulting company in sourcing, we want to approach and serve the clients professionally, and we believe that a sourcing plan at an attractive reduced rate is an excellent basis to start a cooperation.

Sourcing product range
Our product range as a sourcing agency are;
• working area: manufacturing, specialised in B2B industry / technical-engineering sector
• raw materials
• semi-finished products and finished products; single pieces, series and mass production
• product samples
• standard (off the shelves) products
• made to order: Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM),
Re-design to (totally) new engineered may include additional services, such as;
• product design services & modelling  (3D, graphic, printing, builds)
• product engineering/development & prototyping
• graphic design for packaging

Sourcing plan: opportunity and conditions
Proper preparation and making explicit agreements prevents nuisance during the purchasing process. Therefore, we always start a possible assignment with a plan, which includes;
• availability offer
• cost benefits
• preferred and discriminatory arrangements (barriers as legal/technical/procedural regulations and taxes, applicable rates and surcharges)
• distance and transport
• manageability, possible risks and risk mitigation
• not quantifiable factors (culture, management attitude, market and company size)
• necessary support services
• information sources
• profile of suggested sourcing agent
• quotation offer for our sourcing services

Image: 8 phases model sourcing of Consultdustry sourcing services, hire a sourcing agent Asia for sourcing expertise & procurement deals

Sourcing agent main activities
If the provided sourcing plan and quotation get the approval of the of the purchasing customer and the assignment is awarded to us, the actual purchasing process can start. As a rule, or otherwise must be agreed, our sourcing agent duties will be;
• planning
- define fundamental opportunities, terms, regulations and barriers
- suggestions for legal and financial solutions
- create a sourcing plan
- open and update the purchase file through all phases
• researching
- determine need and terms
- understand the market
- identify suppliers
• evaluating
- supplier and factory audits
- draft a shortlists
• getting offers
- drafting / specifying tender
- invite to quote (RFQ)
- process queries
- seal bids
• negotiating
- select best (1 or more) quotations and suppliers
- determine the negotiation strategy
- emphasize critical matters and conditions
- ascertain completeness and correctness of the bid
- define best value (per supplier)
• contracting / ordering
- select the supplier (has to be motivated)
- advising (correction) and accordance legal support
- legal commitment in signed contracts
- reorders on existing contracts (follow-up orders)
• managing / securing supply
- contract management (monitor, final responsibility for supply, act in a role as project manager)
- monitor progress/schedules (quantities) and quality
- instruct production control (quality assurance, quality control, testing/commissioning & expediting)
- contract variations (registration and negotiation)
- other claims, extra work
- take corrective measures in case of deviations / conflicts
- supervising and executing contractual obligations and administration thereof
- release (pre)-payments
- account management (build & improve existing business relations, (ad hoc) problem solving, develop / coordinate communication and procedures, relationship management)
- possibly, if desired, executive support in engineering, expediting, logistics, customs and legal issues
• aftercare
- claims and litigation settlement
- financial order closing
- administrative settlement
- evaluation supplier
- lessons learned
- close purchase file
In each phase, we provide periodic reporting. Our client must also agree to the obligations that are entered into and must, therefore, agree to the progress and conditions associated with that next phase.

Image: Sourcing / procurement services of Consultdustry - overview of our main and supporting procurement services in Asia

Market information, references & contracting services (outsourcing to 3rd party service providers)
Besides, to take over the entire purchasing process and to be your local purchasing department, we can only carry out the preparatory work, provide you information and bring you as a purchasing customer into contact with various parties. These could include;
• feasibility and competition studies
• introduction to government agencies
• knowledge institutes
• business associations
• company visits
• logistic service providers
• checking credentials and references
• research company information and creditworthiness
• company audits

Sourcing - procurement compliance services
If the assignment and risk level is substantial, we can appoint an independent purchasing compliance manager with the task to
• identify potential risk
• take preventive measures. mitigate to reduce risk
• implement controls to detect
• monitor and report risk status
• resolve occurring risk matters
• advise to improve the performance
• set rules and controls

Sourcing supporting services; local business missions, office facilities & travel arrangements
• provide local secretary assistance
• organise and schedule a complete business trip with appointments and visits (factory & supplier trip)
• provide invitation letters to and arrange visa permits
• arranging airport pick-up and domestic transport
• hotel and restaurant bookings
• translation and interpreter services
• make available temporary office(s) and business meeting rooms
• word processing
• (temporary) postal and correspondence address
• arranging all kinds of business and personal needs

Local sourcing agent; assistance / account management for coordination and mediation
Some other possibilities regarding our sourcing agency which you can take with you could include consideration
• we can arrange the purchasing of the first orders, but for follow-up orders, you can manage the entire process yourself, and we can support you locally if required,
• (business) disputes, coordination issues, miscommunication, disruptions, stagnations, changes and even administrative handling always need expertise and local presence. Those ad hoc and time-consuming mediation to achieve an acceptable result for all parties involved and at the same time keep the (rising) costs in control. You can also appeal to us for this local assistance.

The benefits of hiring Consultdustry sourcing agents
• purchasing professionals
- sourcing professionals, independent, all with many years of experience in the procurement business, knowledge of the several industrial sectors and the (local) market and in possession of an extensive network of suppliers and producers in ASEAN countries.
• examine cooperation
- by a paid offer we provide our sourcing and supporting activities, we stand for clarity in possible cooperation beforehand.
• best deals
- our experience in negotiations, project and contract management, guarantees the best purchase deals without setbacks in ASEAN.
• limiting risks
- we consider it our task to, not only obtain the best price but very emphatically to limit the possible risks of an agreement for the purchasing customer.
• ASEAN business understanding
- we have a team composed of native and expatriates sourcing agents; a purchasing customer can benefit from our local knowledge, experience with conditions and practices and a permanent presence are our assets.
• product variety
- our sourcing agents can provide all type of products with the required specs by the purchasing customer, and place an order to the suitable supplier and/or manufacturer.
• product customisation
- we have an ASEAN wide networks, and as a sourcing agency we will give our customers access to suppliers and manufacturers who are able to engineer and manufacture tailor-made product to purchasing customer’s requirements; from materials, component, standard or made to order like OEM, re-design to totally new engineered products. The purchasing customer will be able to approve products, make final alterations and/or receive necessary certificates and documents.
• direct contracts
- we as sourcing agents transfer and give full insight in manufacturing, handling and shipment rates as contract are always arranged between the supplier(s) (and other service providers) and the purchasing customer.
• cost-effective
- hiring us as a sourcing agent is a cost-efficient proposition, as are according to the contractual agreement; paid on a day/hour rate and/or a percentage, as commission, reimbursement of expenses and appointed to contracts that can be terminated almost immediately.
• engineering & prototyping
- our sourcing agents can supervise complex engineering processes, manage specifications alteration to needs and are capable to develop with manufacturers a prototype and/or product samples. Made to order by validation and your consent as a purchasing customer.
• delivery in-time
- we assure process control and a delivery in-time (although the purchasing will take some time for customised products at attractive prices), we will fulfil our obligations.
• quality control & inspection
- we, your overseas located sourcing agency, monitor the manufacturing and delivery process for optimal results in quality, time and cost. Pre-production materials, factory/on-site and pre-shipment inspection to control and verify that the orders are according to the requirements, and we report at all times our findings to the purchasing customer.
• warehouse storage & packaging
- as an extra service, at pre-specified costs, we can temporarily store the goods in our warehouse, offer graphic design for packaging, do repackaging and carry out customised packaging on order.
• shipping & custom clearance
- to provide the best rates to any location or port around the globe, we cooperate with several shipping lines, express logistics and air cargo services. We can assist clients to order the following delivery options EXW, FAS, FOB, CFR/CPT and CIF/CIP, but the purchasing customer always has the choice to use his preferred shipping agent. In such a situation, further coordination must take place about the transfer and necessary documents. Consultdustry sourcing agents can arrange the entire shipment, and our back-office is able to prepare all the documents and declarations to any ASEAN local customs properly.

Area of Asia sourcing agent & procurement services

Image: Sourcing agents Asia - sourcing professionals  for competent Asia procurement services and shipping worldwide.

Consultdustry offers seasoned, local (native and expatriate) sourcing & procurement professionals in
• ASEAN countries
- associated independent procurement professionals which are available to act as your Brunei sourcing agents, Cambodia sourcing agents, Indonesia sourcing agents, Laos sourcing agents, Malaysia sourcing agents, Myanmar sourcing agents, Philippines sourcing agents, Singapore sourcing agents, Thailand sourcing agents, Vietnam sourcing agents and
• China sourcing agents (including Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan regions)