Supply Chain Management - (Out)-Sourcing & Import / Export


''We Go Beyond Logistics, We Are Business Helmsmen For Trade In And With Asia''

Our approach is that, if desired, we are able to offer a full-service supply chain and logistics solution as a chain director to take care of the best possible solution for the customer.

We are connected to powerful networks of buyers, manufacturers /suppliers and logistics service providers and do have the superior contacts, databases, tools, expertise and information. This in-depth knowledge, we combine with our sales and procurement practices, aimed at finding, evaluating and engaging Asian manufacturers/suppliers of goods and services, buyers as well as importers and exporters. Our approach is that if desired, we can offer a complete supply chain and logistics solution as a chain director, ensuring the best possible solution for the customer.

Customers can hire us for the execution of sales and procurement activities. In addition to this, to promote the effectiveness and efficiency of supply chain management, we also may take on an advisory, guiding and controlling role for the logistical processes and outsourcing of the operational logistic tasks. Full service, prior to purchase and sales, we are import consultant and/or export consultant, but also because sales and/or purchasing services require an appropriate delivery with accompanying logistic services and procedures. 4pl - supply chain management with just one point of contact for all matters, to advise clients, structure and manage the logistic services.

Image: Supply chain strategy, (re)-structuring and operational logistic services (4pl+) - Consultdustry your trusted key figure in Asian trade

Cut cost, minimise risk and increases project control by using our full outsourcing import/ export services, as we can operate in a supporting role, to coordinate as a supervisor and/or to act as a business representative based on (joint) end-responsibility for
• souring & procurement services; sourcing agent read here more
• sales services; sales representative read here more
• trade consultancy, import & export consultants
• design & manufacturing engineering
• expediting management
• logistic management
• licensed customs brokerage
• financial & legal services

Trade consultancy, import & export consultants
- market survey, benchmark (economic and demographic research and analyses, the potential for import or export, sales or sourcing)
- feasibility studies (business case analysis)
- costs and revenue estimates, assessments of budgets
- business risk assessments
- cost reduction strategies
- industry standards & regulations compliance
- compliance audits
- trade plans (import/export, sales entry, sourcing)
- supply chain design and optimisation
- design & manufacturing engineering advice
- logistic management advice and optimisation (shipping, storage and distribution)
- expedite management advice
- packing solutions advice
- customs and tax duties
- finance and payment agreements
- insurances
- gain grants and incentives
- select and manage outsourced services partners
- business partnership selection and structuring
- legal regulations and accounting support
- turnkey solution, design and manufacturing
- IP intellectual property protection (patents, trademarks, confidential business information, copyrights)
- marketing consulting (marketing mix, distribution channels)
- trade missions (organisation stay and visit potential customers and suppliers, trade fairs and events, sector organisations and other agencies)
- disputes resolving

Image: trade, import & export consultancy and outsourcing & supply chain management - overview of our consulting and managed outsourced services

Design & manufacturing engineering
- engineering advice, select and manage outsourced engineering services partners
- prototyping
- general engineering support
- product certification, to local technical and legal guidelines and/or required quality mark
- technical re-engineering (for local compliance, cost optimisation, new functions and (integration) applications (reverse engineering))
- contractors and suppliers selection, including engineering adaptation suppliers specifications (extension possibilities)  
- material and suppliers management
- quality control structure
- supervision basic and detail (production) engineering, release production
- product industrial design (to increase the attractiveness for the local market)
- package design (functionality, instructions, (re)-branding, reduce costs, new technology/materials)

Expediting management
- expediting advice, select and manage outsourced expediting services partners
- project management
--- managing compliance (contracts, specifications and applicable standards)
--- managing schedules (engineering, production, delivery, payments)
--- managing deviations and disputes (work in progress, bottlenecks, milestones, delays, penalties)
- project assessment
- restricted project support and monitoring remit (only essential and necessary activities)
- coordinating and monitoring all contractors and suppliers
- managing 3rd party (field) expediting services
- manufacturing/production control (ingoing materials, work in progress, intermediate storage, outgoing goods)
- management and administrative procedures (standards, quality regulations and certification, instructions, plans and technical documents/drawings, authenticity and product certificates, transfer and commissioning files)
- quality control QC & (primary) testing
- quality audits
- packing/transport survey
- performance management (field inspection and desk research, deviations observation)
- progress reports (status of compliance, schedules and deviations/disputes)
- specific and practical recommendations for necessary measures
- checking the shipment of goods
- enhanced surveillance and added temporary (crisis) management
- commissioning (for installation systems)
--- design a specified commissioning plan (including schedules, goals and intentions)
--- instruct and facilitate contractors  
--- specification review (compliance of design and construction to contracts, specifications and applicable standards)
--- report specification problems
--- start-up test, at release date
--- functional performance testing (FPT stand-alone items)
--- report problems or weaknesses identified at functional performance testing
--- operational performance testing (OPT, integrate system)
--- report problems or deficiencies identified operational performance testing
--- final commission approval test
--- validate performance

Logistic management
- logistic advice, select and manage outsourced logistic services partners
- shipping transport (sea, air, land, rail, couriers, postal)
- distribution
- storage & warehouses including special storage
- packaging
- special logistic services (unpack, assemble and install)
- security
- insurances
- material handling (unique lifting and transport, order picking, inventory)
- after sales services and reverse logistics
- integrated supply chain management (including parts & supplier management, inventory management & control)

Licensed customs brokerage
Facilitating clearance of delivering goods in international trade
1. import or export documentation - although the required documents may differ per country - such as;
- for customs
--- packing list (or a shipping list, numbers, dimensions and weight - document needed for the bill of lading)
--- certificate of origin (prepared by the manufacturer, certified by a government agency),
--- import or export license (permission to import or export, depends on country regulations),
- required by law
--- export declaration (f.e. electronic export information (EEI), for governmental statistics and export licenses)
--- inspection certificate (declaration of (good) condition (and/or function) of the goods and their packaging)
--- health or sanitation certificates (needed for agricultural and food product, on import, certain competent authorities may also carry out acceptance inspections)
- shipping documentation
--- bill of lading (contract of the goods owner and carrier),
--- certificate of the manufacturer (notarial confirmation),
--- commercial invoices (all specified invoices with all critical information and licenses of all involved)
--- letter of credit (a banks written commitment to guarantee payment)
--- pro forma invoice (statement of nature, value and quantity)
--- insurance certificate (certifies insurance and its policy)
--- inspection certificate (declaration of (good) condition (and/or function) of the goods and their packaging)
--- dock receipts (delivery confirmation)
--- importer security filing (ISF in the USA required commonly named 10+2 filing, importer statement based on electronic data given by supply chain partners)
2. customs regulations
regulates activities and maintain contacts between shippers and government agencies, among others
- duty fees
- custom bonds
- customs valuation
- tariff classification
- customs clearance
- claim management & disputes

Financial & legal services
Our role is to guide the customer towards the (local) best possible financial and legal solution; the service that maximises flexibility, enhance opportunities, improve cash flow, reduce risk, all against most competitive terms.
- pre or post payment transactions (standby letter of credit, bank guarantee/security, letter of credit, documentary collection/credit)
- escrow services
- export credit agencies
- specific project financing; factoring, purchased order, asset-based, supplier credit
- foreign exchange rates, costs and transfers
- insurance
- investment management
- investment treaties
- contracts and trade agreements
- legal regulations, rules of origin
--- free trade agreements, FTAs
--- market access and trade barriers
--- bribery, corruption
--- sanctions
--- tender procedures, bidding rules
--- trade privileges
--- unfair competition
- trade export controls
--- embargoes
--- sanctions
- trade disputes, arbitration
- customs compliance

Area of trade, import & export consultancy and outsourcing & supply chain management, we are managing on client behalf in Asia
• design & manufacturing engineering
• expediting management
• logistic management
• licensed customs brokerage
• financial & legal services

Image: Supply chain management Asia & trade consulting services of Consultdustry overview of our main and supporting supply chain management and import and export consulting services in Asia

Consultdustry offers seasoned, local (native and expatriate) trade agents, import & export consultants and outsourcing & supply chain managers in
• ASEAN countries
- associated independent trade, import/ and supply chain management professionals, we provide local expertise by Brunei trade agents, import & export consultants, Cambodia trade agent, import & export consultants, Indonesia trade agents, import & export consultants, Laos trade agents, import & export consultants, Malaysia trade agents, import & export consultants, Myanmar trade agents, import & export consultants, Philippines trade agents, import & export consultants, Singapore trade agents, import & export consultants, Thailand trade agents, import & export consultants, Vietnam trade agents, import & export consultants and
• China trade agents, import & export consultants (including Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan regions)