Consultdustry Managers & Consultants - Serving Tech Industry in ASEAN Countries

(Out)-Sourcing & Import / Export

“Assist, Mediate, Negotiate, Supervise & Conduct your Trade & Business in / with SE Asia”

We are connected to powerful networks of buyers and manufacturers /suppliers and do have the superior contacts, databases, tools, expertise and information. This in depth knowledge, we combine with our procurement practices, aimed at finding, evaluating and engaging Asian suppliers of goods and services as well importers and exporters.

Cut costs and minimize risk by using our service, as we are able to operate in a supporting role, to coordinate as a supervisor and/or to act as a business representative based on (joint) end-responsibility for
• procurement analysis,
• market survey,
• potential supplier selection,
• bidding processing (including; application documents request for quotation, technical evaluation, commercial evaluation),
• negotiating, contracting,
• engineering & manufacturing processing,
• expedite management (including; project management, production control, quality assurance & testing, packing/transport survey),
• logistic management (including; storage, shipping, customs, insurance) and
• financial & legal services.

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