Staffing And Recruitment


“Staffing And Recruitment - Job Matchmakers”

Appropriate Term;
• Job Matchmakers

We are skilful veteran recruiters in staffing and recruitment;
• selecting for higher level functions,
• effective and efficient selection processes (the right filters tuned),
• in-depth understanding of skills, competencies, motivation and dynamic behaviour,
• honest and clear in communications
• linking the best possible “fit” (candidates to employers),
• where for both long-term relationship and efficiency are paramount.

With staffing and recruitment, we focus on;
• middle, senior and c-level positions
• staff, (operational) management and technical (experts) personnel,
• BA/MBA-university level,
• minimum 5 years work experience,
• industry & engineering sectors,
• monthly salary level from about $ 2,500.-

Our staffing and recruitment services are;
• Contract Staffing
– we supply staff for a specific function and period
• Contingent Recruitment / Non-Exclusive Recruitment
– senior management recruitment with a commission at the start of hiring at the end of probation
• Retained Executive Recruitments / Headhunting
– top-level management recruitment with a pre-paid or contracted service to locate a candidate for a specific executive or senior position.
• Interim Recruitment Consultants
– momentary providing recruitment consultants at client office to conduct on there staffing and recruitment activities.
• Candidate Search
– by a given profile, proactive sourcing of suitable passive and active candidates to deliver a long or short list of candidates.

For candidates, we list on our website a selection of current vacancies and have a registration option to enrol in our candidate database by sending a resume. Furthermore, we offer to our network and exceptional candidates – free of charge – the privilege to promote and present themselves to potential employers by a short (anonymous) profile listing on this site.

Continually driven to succeed, fully aware of the impact and possible consequences of unfortunate recruitment (to both clients and candidates!), our passion is to match the people – candidates and companies – such that they jointly achieve their full potential.

Image: Consultdustry recruitment employability factors - hard skills, soft skills and identity - which we use to match candidates with employers

Service-oriented also requires selectivity. If there is insufficient basis for a successful (long-term) cooperation within an enterprise for a candidate and/or the vacancy requirements are unrealistic, we can and have to reject that staffing and recruitment contract.

Staffing and recruitment services Asia

Embrace our staffing and recruitment services.
Consultdustry is distinction by skilful veteran recruiters with an attitude ‘Only The Right Person For The Right Job’ - we are professional job matchmakers!
• Candidate profile
- middle, senior and c-level positions, BA/MBA-university level, minimum 5 years work experience
• Staffing and recruitment services Asia
- contract staffing
- contingent recruitment
- retained executive recruitments (headhunting, executive search)
- interim recruitment consultants (hired, working from customer's office)
- candidate search (supply of candidate long or short list)
• Sector of service
- B2B engineering/industry; manufacturing, construction, energy, logistics and trade
• Area of service
* Southeast Asia (ASEAN)
- Brunei
- Cambodia
- Indonesia
- Laos
- Malaysia
- Myanmar
- Philippines
- Singapore
- Thailand
- Timor-Leste
- Vietnam
* People’s Republic of China
- China
- Hong Kong
- Macau
* Republic of China/Taiwan
- Taiwan