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Temporary Management

“Expert Job Contractors”

Temporary Management

Temporary management: ratio in tasks and time activities in professional operational management including professional implementation and minor change activities (compare to executive interim management).

Senior temporary management;
• in cause of momentary need of highly, specific skilled manager(s)
• for projects, additional expertise, expansion of capacity or as substitute
• to lead departments and key initiatives,
• to improve and implement programs,
• to manage complex projects or
• to fill business-critical roles.

Temporary management is also often named as functional or project interim management.

In this temporary management services clients ask us regularly for;
• rapid and effective deployment of senior management professionals,
• in (temporary) management professionals positions with a clearly defined mission and outcome,
• which therefore they bear responsibility for the operations of a particular organizational unit and / or project,
• by default this are challenging jobs and activities with a higher than average risk of failure,
• and therefore must be carried out by an expert professional that have a mix of thinking and decisiveness,
• which are able to act and connect on operational, tactical and strategic level,
• which are experienced, firm and authentic managers,
• with resilience as they also have to be enterprising, energetic and flexible,
• and have to adjust to the needs and fit within the organization of the client,
• and makes themselves subordinate to the goal of delivering results.

The basis for temporary management is always specific professional, product-market or industry sector highly specialized expertise.
In this Consultdustry provides associated management professionals for medium and long-term assignments at senior management level for the implementation of departmental changes and improvements, for to fill-in or expanding capacity and / or to get access to specific knowledge.

Temporary management types of assignments;
• Project Temporary Management (organizational implementation or asset investment)
• Expertise Temporary Management
• Capacity Temporary Management
• Substitute Temporary Management

Temporary management is, as mentioned before, professional driven;
• General Management
• Projects
• Finance
• Human Resources
• Logistics / Supply Chain
• Manufacturing
• Purchase/Sourcing
• Engineering
• Commercial
• Legal
• Marketing
• Communication/PR



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