Unique Market Position

Unique Market Position

“Distinctive Through Experience & Serving Attitude”

Consultdustry Interim Management & Business Consulting stands for results in shaping businesses; high-quality advice preferably including execution, since we want to take responsibility. We deliver practical and proven solutions, aimed at continuity and vitality management, entrepreneurship and sustainability, position improvement and development, all to enhance shareholder value. Unique through our business model of management associates, which makes able to offer the most suitable solution. Customer interest and results come first, and we are in favour of refusing possible assignments if they do not lead to the desired results. Customer interest and results come first, and we will reject orders or terminate them correctly if they do not lead to the desired results. After all, we consciously connect our reputation to outcomes.

Consultdustry Interim Managers & Business Consultants is distinctive in business consulting for the following motives;


• tailor-made sustainable solutions that fit client’s needs




• sector focus (tech industry)

• proven Interim management & consultancy expertise

• experienced top-level, associated consultants/managers

• native and expatriate staff, interim managers/consultants

• principal & contracts guidance management

• an integrated, multidisciplinary services & procedures

• contract accountability & employment law conditions

• alliances/partners for additional services & knowledge

• knowledge of and respect for Asian business culture

• access to extensive European & Asian business network

• (aim) Asian premium interim consulting in trust, level, reference and size

• optional services available: corporate finance & legal/support staffing

Consultdustry is serving Tech Industry in ASEAN counties by offering

• interim management

• temporary management

• staffing and recruitment

• counselling

• development

• business transactions